FCorp - Image Hijacker 2016.4      

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Release Date:   2016-04-03

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Software Product Description

If you are using a computer that other people also use or have access to, you may not want them to monitor your activities. A simple way of doing this is to use Image Hijacker, a handy application that enables you to run an executable application via a different program. This means it will appear as if you are using the masking program. The software gives you several functions, which are available via tabs arranged on the left part of the user interface.

In the Image Hijacker tab, you provide the names of the image/application you want to use and the one you want to mask it with. You then select the hijack option you want to apply and extra options you want, such as disabling settings, display properties, folder options, registry editor and task manager.

Under Fake Message, you will type image name and title and then select the type of message you want to display when someone tries to launch the image. You can choose among warning, error and password confirmation messages and then specify or select the exact message you want displayed. If you have several messages, the application will display them in a list, and you can opt to hijack all or only selected messages.

The Service Blocker tabs gives you access to a list of services, from where you can select the ones you do not want to run. You can block either selected or all services at once. On the other hand, the PUP Blocker tab allows you to block potential harmful applications from executing. Here too, you can select the ones you want to block or block everything on the displayed list.

All these functions will help you enhance your security on the computer you are using.