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Software Product Description

If you are looking for the lyrics of some songs, you can use the online search engines. However, this is not only time consuming but also more of a hit or miss endeavor. A more convenient way of getting what you want is using Lyric Library, a handy application that is specifically designed to help users access a large database of lyrics.

The lightweight application has an intuitive graphical user interface that is also user friendly. You will hardly need any help to use the software. It features two tabs for searching either lyric library or song library, and there is a drop-down list for selecting the language of the desired song. On the right side is the preview pane where the application displays lyrics, and ticking the word wrap button allows you to see everything on the pane. You can force the software not to show lyrics until you search them.

Lyric Library displays a list of either lyrics or songs depending on the active tab and shows you the total number. The search bar where you type either the artists name or song title is just below the list pane. You can search by lyric or artist and title. You can access over 24,000 lyrics in different languages, including English, Indonesian, Korean, Indian and Japanese. You can copy the lyrics to the Clipboard or save them as text files for later use. The application also allows you to search for the currently displayed song on YouTube.

In addition to performing its basic function, Lyric Library lets you see some statistics about your computer at a glance. The lower part of the application window displays system uptime, power level and memory usage.


"If you like NEW Music"

Reviewer: -Captain

Review Date: 2013-05-03

Pros: Well, it does what is says it does, I guess. But it's Limited...

Cons: The Selection of Songs/Bands is my prime gripe. If you were born in the 80s, 90s, or sooner you'd probably like this program. However, if you were born much earlier and like, say, 70s, 60s, 50s, and Older music, you'll find nothing here of value beyond a couple of old BeeGees and Elton John songs of interest! Seriously, it's all prime grade ghetto songs and bands of the here-and-now era.

Other Thoughts: Maybe they can get alternate databases better suited to older guys like me who like older songs?

Personally, I find another freeware utility on here called EvilLyrics FAR better, provided you have an internet connection.


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