FET 6.1.5      

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Software Product Description

FET is an evolutionary program (using a genetic algoritm) for automatically generating the timetable of a school, high-school or university.


  • FET is free software (open source). You can freely use, copy, modify and re-distribute it, as GNU/GPL permits (but please consider a donation)
  • Localized to English, French, Catalan, Romanian, Malay, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, German, Hungarian and Macedonian (maybe incompletely)
  • Fully automatic generation algorithm, allowing also semi-automatic or manual allocation
  • Platform independent implementation, allowing running on GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac and any system that Qt supports
  • Powerful flexible modular xml format for the input file, allowing editing with an xml editor or by hand (besides FET)
  • Possibility to view the currently generated timetable without stopping the ongoing simulation
  • The resulted timetables are exported into xml and html formats
  • Very flexible students (pupils) structure, in years, groups and subgroups. FET allows overlapping years and groups and non-overlapping subgroups
  • Possibility to consider a weight (percentage) for each constraint
  • Maximum total number of hours (periods) per day: 30
  • Maximum number of working days per week: 14
  • Maximum total number of teachers: 700
  • Maximum total number of subgroups (sets) of students: 5000
  • Maximum total number of subjects: 1000
  • Virtually unlimited number of subject tags
  • Maximum number of activities: 2000 (you can compile or ask the author a version with more activities allowed)
  • Maximum number of rooms: 300
  • Maximum number of buildings: 100
  • Maximum number of equipments: 300
  • Adjustable duration for each activity (each activity can have duration of 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours or more)
  • Possibility of adding multiple teachers and students sets for each activity. That is, each activity can have specified at most 400 students subgroups (sets) and 100 teachers
  • Maximum number of time constraints: 3000
  • Maximum number of space constraints: 3000
  • A large and flexible palette of time constraints
  • A large and flexible palette of space constraints



Reviewer: -Calcatian

Review Date: 2009-07-02

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Interface is kind of ugly and non-intuitive, but can't complain as it gets the job done as claimed by the developer. (4/5)

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