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Reviewed on April 11, 2018

Prevent Facebook from tracking you as you browse the internet. You may often have thought about reducing your use of Facebook in the face of the far-reaching abilities of the social media platform to gather information about you through your activity on the internet. But there is a compromise - installing the Facebook Container add-on for Firefox will put the brakes on the information about you that can be collected by Facebook and a great deal of what can be associated with your Facebook identity by other trackers.

Keep Facebook separate

Facebook Container works by separating your Facebook activity from your other internet interests. Downloaded and installed, it will start off by deleting all those website cookies Facebook is using to track you. If you are signed in, it'll sign you out of Facebook. Then, you can log in again inside the container, and your browsing history is no longer available to Facebook. From then on, each time you go to Facebook, it will open in a separate container, and the platform cannot collect data on you to add to your Facebook identity.

Getting started with Facebook Container

It's easy to prevent Facebook from tracking you by getting Facebook Container up and running on your system and set up as an add-on to your Firefox browser.

  • First, install Facebook Container and let it log you out and delete the cookies it's had access to in the past.
  • Next, open Facebook as usual from a bookmark or icon and you will be switched to Facebook Container.
  • Any links you click outside of Facebook will be loaded outside of the Container.

Prevent Facebook linking your identity to your use of other websites

As you browse to various website pages, Facebook Container disables any Facebook elements it finds on them. While this prevents trackers retaining data on your Facebook-related actions, it also prevents your use of these features. Examples are clicking 'Like' buttons on other websites, and links in embedded comments, and using your Facebook identity to log into secured sites and create accounts.

The data on you that Facebook already has can still be accessed by the organization as can your activity on its website or mobile app. Only you can moderate that. And Facebook Container won't stop other networks attempting to connect your Facebook activity with your browsing habits. You might want to change some of your Facebook settings and/or investigate the Multi-Account Containers available from Mozilla to minimize that.

While getting followed around the internet by advertising networks etc. without your knowledge is an ongoing problem, at least Facebook Container provides you with an option. Prevent Facebook tracking you, and stop other trackers connecting you with your Facebook identity, simply by keeping your activity there safely in a container.

Facebook Container requires several permissions including accessing your data for all websites and using the Firefox Browser.

Software Product Description

Prevent Facebook from tracking you.


"Works As Expected- No Impact On Browser"

Reviewer: -GHammer

Review Date: 2018-04-12

Pros: This is great, keeps FB from following me across the web. No impact on the browser. First time you visit FB after installing this, you'll need to login.

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: This adds new right click functionality for links.
'Open in new container tab' with categories.


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