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Release Date:   2019-03-05

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Software Product Description

If you are like many computer users, then you most likely spend too much time in front of the screen. Stresses of daily life and the convenience computers offer can easily lead to overwork or overplay! Health experts recommend that you take regular breaks to avoid eye strain and other health complications. Unfortunately, many of us do not know how or when to do this.

FadeTop will help you without rudely interrupting what you are doing. The free and simple break reminder software uses a natural and agreeable approach to help you take a break and make you develop the habit of resting your eyes and body regularly.

The application does not intrusively grab your attention during alarm times. Instead, it gradually makes your computer screen fade into a specified image or color and displays the time. It also displays a snapshot of the status history of your break time.

FadeTop only uses the mild visual changes to encourage you to take a break and improve your health. It does not sound an alarm or display pop-ups that may interfere with your work. The application also schedules the break-times naturally and intelligently, which means it does not operate on fixed intervals that may reach when you are too busy to take a break or even away from the computer.

The application silently monitors the time you take using your computer and then gently fades the screen when you do not appear too busy. You do not need to make any settings for it to work.

The application's icon sits on the system tray, and clicking it lets you see it in action. Once you have seen the demonstration, click on the icon again to hide the fader.

Right-clicking the icon displays a context menu that allows you to activate or deactivate fading and make some basic configurations.

You can download either the installer or portable version of FadeTop. The handy application is compatible with Windows XP and newer operating systems.