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Reviewed on May 19, 2021

Simulate the performance of a Falcon 9 rocket during the first stage of its flight.

Using engineering equations, Delphi-powered Falcon 9 rocket simulation software enables first stage simulation of the operation of the SpaceX rocket during launch and up until separation of the second stage.

The Falcon 9 First Stage Simulator user interface contains various panels where structural, engine, and control information is loaded. The inclination of the rocket, engine performance characteristics, and throttle control curves, etc. are all customizable. Progress is followed in real-time with a 3D model in an Open Graphics Library window and a video of a launch enabling comparison of altitudes and speed for accuracy. Upon completion, the simulation information can be downloaded to a spreadsheet so that you can make graphs for later evaluation.

Simulate the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket

Download and run the Falcon 9 simulator application. The program launches to a user interface where you control the SpaceX rocket simulation progressing through the various stages. Buttons for Load fuel, Countdown, Start engines, Liftoff, Stage separation, Flip maneuver, Boostback burn, Entry burn, Vertical landing, and Abort are located in a central panel. Spatial Positioning and Landing information is displayed in panels to the right, and Flight Time, Speed, and Altitude indicators are located with all required progress and performance information directly below the control buttons.

Throttle and thrust information for each of the nine engines is displayed at left along with sliders for the fuel tanks, the Altitude, Acceleration, Dynamic Pressure, and Throttle, and each stage of the simulation is listed as it happens in the left-hand panel of the main window.

Compare 3D display with a real launch video

Opening the structural configuration window in the SpaceX rocket simulation software will let you configure such elements as mass, the center of gravity of the different parts of the rocket, thrust, and other specifics. The flight profile configuration window allows you to control throttle modulation and attitude of the rocket during flight by drawing curves and the flight plan window lets you set up engine cut off and stage separation.

The 3D OpenGL and video windows are located at the left of the main window of the interface. You can see the results of your configurations from different camera posts. Once the Falcon 9 rocket simulation is completed, you can download all the information to an Excel file to make evaluation graphs, plotting graphs, and to compare with real flight telemetry.

Falcon 9 rocket simulation is absorbing as well as informative. It is written in Delphi Community 10.3 and users are invited to contribute. The telemetry data used in developing the application are publicly available from the SpaceX website and video channels. 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available and the developer provides a demonstration video based on SpaceX's CRS-17 mission.

Software Product Description

Control the trajectory in a SpaceX rocket simulation.