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OS:  Windows Vista/2008/7/2012/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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If you want a better way of managing the files on your computer, then try FileVoyager, a powerful file management tool that allows you to perform more functions than you can with the native Windows Explorer. You can use the software to browse folders and manage your files with relative ease.

Using FileVoyager

The program features a dual-pane interface, which allows users to view two folders simultaneously. The interface also makes it easy to manage files. In the middle of the program window is a panel that gives quick access to application commands.

When we launched the program for the first time, it displayed the details of our desktop on the left pane while the right one listed the drives connected to our computer. In addition to listing the names of the items on the desktop, it displayed their respective sizes, types, modification dates, last accessed dates, creation dates and attributes. We could also readily see the total number of items listed, including the number of folders and files, at the bottom of the pane.

Hovering the cursor over an item in the list displayed its icon and brief explanation while clicking on it displayed the icon on the upper part of the list. That was when we were in the Exploration view.

When we switched to Visualization view, we opened files on one pane and viewed the details on the other. We could view the files in various formats, including Text, Hexa, Unicode, U-Hex, RTF, binary and Web formats.

Clicking on a media file automatically played it on an embedded media player while double-clicking the file opened it using the default player. The software uses video and audio codecs provided by VLC and WMP to play the files. The program could play or display any type of file so long as its player or viewer was installed.

The interface allowed us to switch to different views depending on our preferences, including detail, list and thumbnail views. We could also view file icons just above the list of files.

We could use the program to create different types of archives, including ZIP, 7ZIP, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ and WIM. We could also use it to extract the contents of a selected archive to our desired destination, and it displayed a pop-up window on the lower right part of the screen upon completion of the task.

The middle pane made it easy to perform such tasks as editing, copying, renaming and moving files. The edit function opened files in the default text editor. We could also use the program to create new items in different formats, including folders, images, text and various other file formats.


FileVoyager is a powerful file management tool that allows users to perform various tasks without opening other applications. It also makes it easy to search for specific files using either their names or relevant keywords.

Software Product Description

Swiss Army knife of file management tools.


"Almost good"

Reviewer: -Janus

Review Date: 2015-03-08

Pros: File previews excellent, did what it said it would do.

Cons: Just seemed hard to look at. Nothing was clear and easy, for me.

Other Thoughts: Just didn't cut it for me. Went back to Free commander, which although not perfect, seems to be easier to look at.

Try it, it might suit your brainstyle.


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