FileZilla Secure 3.18.0      

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Release Date:   2016-11-10

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Reviewed on November 09, 2016

FileZilla has been a popular FTP client for years because it is fast, free and intuitive enough to save multiple log-in details. However, as some users have discovered at great cost, the software stores the log-in details in plain text on the user's computer, and hackers have been exploiting this weakness. FileZilla Secure is a modified version of the FTP client that is designed to secure the users' passwords.

Using FileZilla Secure

We downloaded the ZIP archive and extracted its contents to a folder. We did not need to install the free FTP client but simply double-clicked the executable file to start the program.

The first time that we launched FileZilla Secure, it opened a small window where we needed to create a master password to encrypt our FTP log-in details. A confirmation window appeared once we had entered our password and clicked "OK" before opening the main program window.

We entered our log-in details on the upper part of the window, including host, username, password and port number. The left part of the main user interface displayed directories and files on the local site on separate panes while the right part displayed the corresponding details for the connected remote site. On the lower left part of the window were tabs for viewing queued files, failed transfers and successful transfers. However, we could choose to hide some details from the "View" menu.

The lower right corner displayed the download and upload speeds. The program gave us the option to set speed limits via a dedicated button on the same corner. The FTP client increased the maximum number of transfer threads from 10 to 1000, although setting the transfer threads to just 50 increased speeds about five times.

The next time we started FileZilla Secure, it displayed a window where we needed to enter our master password to decrypt our FTP log-in details.


FileZilla Secure is a version of the popular FTP client that has been modified by a frustrated user whose websites were hacked. It includes a master password that encrypts log-in details, which the original software simply stored in plain text. It also increases upload and download speeds by increasing the maximum number of transfer threads.

Software Product Description

A modified version of FileZilla FTP client that prevents hackers from stealing your passwords.


"Use Caution"

Reviewer: -NWCurandero

Review Date: 2016-11-12

Pros: This is NOT the same company that produces FileZilla. This program encrypts the password while FileZilla does not. Filezilla relies on system encryption.

Cons: Trend Micro Antivirus DOES NOT like this software's internet site. I can find little information on the software's authors and no reviews on other sites. I see no indication that the authors used the "FileZilla" name with the original developer's consent.

Other Thoughts: I am recommending that you wait until this software gets broader use before installing it on your computer.


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