What's New in version 3.56.0:

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Updated to libfilezilla 0.34.0
  • Updated translations

What's New in version 3.55.1:

  • Fixed a crash if a tree view items are deleted at the same time as something is being dragged over the tree view
  • Updated to libfilezilla 0.31.1 to fix an issue with SIGPIPE on *nix

What's New in version 3.55.0:

  • Updated translations

What's New in version 3.55.0 RC 1:

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Updated SFTP components
  • Set appropriate ALPN on TLS connections
  • Fixed loading of settings files that were moved between platforms
  • Refactored updater internals

What's New in version 3.54.1:

  • Fix control visibility logic in Site Manager

What's New in version 3.53.1:

  • Removed an error message on new installation where there is no sitemanager.xml yet
  • Fixed SOCKS5 proxy support

What's New in version 3.53.0:

  • Bugfix: HTTP: Handle servers sending early replies

What's New in version 3.52.2:

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • When restoring the main window position at startup, detect if the title bar would become hidden behind taskbars or global menu bars and reposition it appropriately
  • SFTP: Fixed preserving of timestamps on downloads

What's New in version

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • FTP: Fixed crash if downloading ASCII files with stray carriage returns
  • Fixed too strict requirements for preallocation
  • *nix: Fixed a memory leak

What's New in version 35.2.0:

  • Fixed a regression with the rename file exists action on downloads

What's New in version 3.51.0:

  • Fixed import of sites protected with a different master password
  • Directory comparison now works correctly with non-default file name sorting settings
  • Small search dialog fixes

What's New in version 3.50.0:

  • Minor fixes to Tardigrade integration

What's New in version 3.49.1:

  • Fixed selection changes not being reflected in the Site Manager in some circumstances

What's New in version 3.49.0:

  • Fixed retrying initial connection attempts

What's New in version 3.49.0 RC 1:

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • MSW: Tab bar icons now scale on high-DPI displays
  • The sizing and spacing of several dialogs has been improved on high-DPI displays
  • MSW: Fix visual glitches when changing the selected site in the Site Manager
  • When creating a new tab, the pane sizes are now inherited from the previous tab.
  • macOS: Additional fixes for handling Cmd+V, Cmd+C and Cmd+X in text input controls
  • Refactored internal settings and option handling

What's New in version 3.48.1:

  • Fix: If FileZilla is configured to restore open tabs on startup, the directory trees no longer shrink in size

What's New in version 3.48.1 RC1:

Fixed vulnerabilities:

  • MSW: The settings directory is now initially created with tight permissions restricted to the user's account. Previously the directory could have had inherited too wide permissions if a custom location outside the user's profile directory had been preconfigured.

New features:

  • Redesigned certificate dialog
  • During directory comparison and comparative search, Ctrl+Shift+A can now be used to select only the highlighted files

What's New in version 3.48.0:

  • Fixed vulnerabilities: Custom associations for file extensions containing spaces were not saved correctly

What's New in version

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • SFTP: Backported selected fixes from developement versions of PuTTY
  • Fixed value range for directional transfer limits
  • Fixed layout issues if changing to/from comparative search

What's New in version 3.47.1:

  • Fixed regression loading advanced site parameters

What's New in version 3.47.0:

  • Fix visual glitched adding/removing filter rows
  • MSW: Limit amount of text that can be entered in spin controls

What's New in version 3.46.2:

  • SFTP: Fixed a regression connecting using a password-protected keyfile

What's New in version 3.46.1:

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Fixed a crash if an FTP server sends too long response lines
  • Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla >= 0.19.3 (, this fixes a few issues with the new speed limiting code
  • SFTP components have been updated and are now based on PuTTY 0.73

What's New in version 3.46.0:

  • Fixed a rare crash if closing FileZilla the very same moment a connection or transfer requests user attention

What's New in version 3.46.0 RC 1:

New features:

  • Show an error message in the local directory listing if the user lacks permission to show the directory

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Local filelist status bar is now reset if accessing a local directory fails
  • macOS: Work around an a bug in macOS 10.15 (Catalina) where closing a dialog shown from a timer can result in temporary freezes
  • Refactored speed-limiting code
  • Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla >= 0.19.1 (

What's New in version 3.45.1:

  • Fixed sorting issues in the directory trees

What's New in version 3.45.0 RC 1:

New Features:

  • If checking for updates cannot be performed for a prolonged time, users are warned about using an outdated version

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Performance improvements if expanding or refreshing a directory with thousands of direct subdirectories in the directory trees
  • Fixed prefix search in Site Manager
  • macOS: Fix password pasting using Cmd+V
  • Minor performance improvements deleting many thousands of files

What's New in version 3.44.2:

  • MSW: Fixed a crash if using predefined sites through fzdefaults.xml
  • Fixes to protocol selection glitches in the Site Manager
  • Increase maximum length of response lines when using FTP

What's New in version 3.44.1:

  • Fixed a regression introduced in 3.44.0-rc1 breaking support for insecure servers

What's New in version 3.44.0:

  • Fixed export in context menu of Site Manager to handle multiple selected items

What's New in version 3.43.0:

Fixed vulnerabilities:

  • Filenames containing double-quotation marks were not escaped correctly when selected for opening/editing. Depending on the associated program, parts of the filename could be interpreted as commands.

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Added a second layer of authentication to the update mechanism

What's New in version 3.42.1:

  • OS X: Fix a compatibility issue with macOS 10.13

What's New in version 3.42.0:

  • Fixed a potential crash if the first-launch welcome dialog is shown at an inopportune moment
  • Fixed display of subject and issuer details in the certificate verification dialogs with some certificates
  • Official binaries are now built againt GnuTLS 3.6.7, minimum required GnuTLS version to build FileZilla is now 3.5.7

What's New in version 3.42.0 RC 1:

  • Switching from using a master password to not saving passwords at all no longer requires entering the master password
  • nix: Fixed support for internationalized domain names on systems having AI_IDN when using SFTP
  • Fixed an assertion after importing a manipulated queue file
  • When importing sites, any imported passwords are now immediately protected/deleted depending on the password protection settings
  • The ability to import Sitem Manager entries from antique FileZilla 2, last updated over a dozen years ago, has been removed

What's New in version 3.42.0 Beta 1:

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla >= 0.16.0 (
  • Limit the maximum length of site, bookmark and filter names to prevent display issues and crashes due to some operating systems badly handling long texts
  • When displaying message boxes, insert zero-width spaces into long unbroken words to prevent display issues and crashes due to some operating systems badly handling long texts
  • Fix crash in the external IP address resolver
  • Fix some assertions if a server sends bad file sizes
  • Large refactoring of the socket code
  • The thread pool from libfilezilla is now used for all worker threads

What's New in version 3.41.2:

  • Backport a security fix from PuTTY 0.71 affecting SFTP connections: Fix an integer overflow in the RSA key exchange preceding host key verification

What's New in version 3.41.1:

  • Fix a regression introduced in 3.41.1 with slow FTP servers needlessly waiting for a bidirectional shutdown of the data connection during downloads

What's New in version 3.41.0:

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • MSW: Fix an issue with failing uploads due to the operating system not gracefully closing TCP connections contrary to the documented behavior
  • MSW: Fix compilation flags for wxWidgets to no longer include useless XP compatibility

What's New in version 3.41.0 RC1:

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Fixed crash if adding a bookmark with the current connection not yet having a Site Manager entry
  • Fixed a rare crash if closing FileZilla while a recursive chmod operation is still in progress
  • Fixed a rare crash if starting directory comparison on an empty directory without logical parent
  • Fixed a rare crash on changing the file list sort order when the focused item index has previously become invalid
  • Restrict the maximum length of regular expressions in filter conditions due to bugs in some implementations of the C++ Standard Library causing crashes
  • OS X: Fixed crash if the path of a file dropped on FileZilla cannot be obtained
  • Fixed order in which directories helper tools and data files are searched for
  • Fixed a rare crash if closing tab during an ongoing recursive directory deletion

What's New in version 3.40.0:

  • Official binaries are now linked against GnuTLS 3.6.6

What's New in version 3.40.0 RC 2:

  • Fix regression introduced in rc1 where adding files to queue creates extra server items if the connection was established through the Site Manager

What's New in version 3.40.0 RC 1:

New features:

  • Added TLS 1.3 support by linking official binaries against GnuTLS 3.6.5
  • Refactored how sites and servers are being represented internally to fix issues trigged by renaming sites in the Site Manager

Bug fixes and minor changes:

  • Fix display of server names containing ampersands in several dialogs
  • Fix regular expression filter in the quick search panel
  • Fix a crash if files are added to the queue when there are already files for multiple different servers in the queue
  • Fix a crash applying filters when there are no selected files and the focused item is past the new file count
  • Fix a crash if emptying the queue while a directory creation item is active
  • Fix a potential crash if FileZilla is being closed the moment a delayed dialog has already been created but before it is shown.

What's New in version 3.39.0:

  • Fix timestamps of newly created empty files on the server if the option to preserve timestamps is set

What's New in version 3.39.0 RC1:

New features:

  • The down button on the keyboard now opens the quickconnect history dropdown menu if the quickconnect bar has the input focus
  • The down button on the keyboard now opens the search options if the quick search dialog has the input focus

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Refactored how close notifications were handled in the network code
  • Fixed saving of the 'not equal' and 'less than' conditions for size filters
  • Fixed regular expression filters not respecting the case-sensitivity checkbox in all situations
  • Restore context menu item to delete file in local file search

What's New in version 3.38.0:

  • Updated translations

What's New in version 3.38.0 RC1:

New features:

  • Refreshing remote file list while holding Ctrl now clears the remote directory cache for the current server
  • Changed default logon type if creating a new site in the Site Manager

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Fixed state of controles in the Site Manager when creating a new site after the previously viewed site has been predefined
  • Fixed dragging remote files to queue
  • Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla >= 0.15.0 (
  • Improve compatibility with GnuTLS 3.6.x
  • Fix building with automake >= 1.16.0

What's New in version 3.37.4:

  • MSW: Fix regression introduced in 3.37.3 with moving files locally using drag&drop

What's New in version 3.37.3:

  • Fix issues with directory creation when uploading many files in parallel
  • macOS: Fix crashes if dragging more than one file
  • macOS: Opt out of Dark Mode

What's New in version 3.37.0:

  • Fix remote target path if uploading files through the search dialog

What's New in version 3.37.0 RC1:

New Features:

  • Use a cache for the system trust store to speed up connecting establishment on systems with huge certificate revocation lists in the system trust store

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Fixed bug in GnuTLS causing crashes on connection establishment
  • Fixed enabled state of controls in the Site Manager if switching to a protocol not supporting the previously selected logontype

What's New in version 3.36.0:

  • Fix --site-manager command-line argument
  • Fix potential crash with malformed directory listings
  • Fix potential crash if opening/closing tabs or starting the queue while directories are being renamed or deleted

What's New in version 3.36.0-rc1:

  • Ask for explicit confirmation prior to falling back to insecure plaintext FTP if a server refuses to use TLS
  • Warn if an FTP server refuses TLS that is known from previous connections to be capable of TLS

What's New in version 3.35.2:

  • Fix functionality of --site and --local command-line options
  • MSW: Fix local rename not updating file list

What's New in version 3.35.1:

  • Fix context menu in search dialog

What's New in version 3.35.0:

  • Improved appearance of activity indicators, sort direction indicators, and quick search panel buttons on high-DPI displays

What's New in version 3.35.0 RC1:

  • New: Add option to settings dialog to have FileZilla restore tabs and connections after a restart
  • Fix initial size of Site Manager being too small on some systems

What's New in version 3.34.0:

  • After deleting files, the focus rectangle now stays near the previously deleted file

What's New in version 3.34.0 RC1:

New features:

  • Refactoring of the Site Manager internals
  • Moved protocol selection to the top in the Site Manager
  • Adjusted spacing in the Site Manager
  • Slightly reduced height of certificate details dialog

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • MSW: Properly quote the uninstall command in the registry
  • Updated built-in pugixml to version 1.9

What's New in version 3.33.0:

  • MSW: Microsoft broke the ICopyHook interface in Windows 1803. Until Microsoft fixes the bug in Windows, drag & drop from FileZilla into Explorer will not work on Windows 1803.

What's New in version 3.33.0 RC1:

New features:

  • The contents of the transfer queue can now be sorted
  • SFTP: Support key files encrypted with aes256-ctr, e.g. as created by OpenSSH 7.6 and later

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • SFTP: Fix preserve timestamps menu option

What's New in version 3.32.0:

  • Further SFTP performance improvements

What's New in version 3.32.0 RC 1:

New features:

  • The Site Manager no longer shows controls not applicable to the selected protocol
  • Dynamically disable menu items if the used protocal does not support the corresponding functionality
  • Speed up listing large directories over SFTP

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Fix state of case sensitivity checkbox in the filter edit dialog if no filter has been selected

What's New in version 3.31.0:

New features:

  • Allow trusting all subject alternative names (SAN) in a certificate if the current hostname matches the certificate

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • OS X: Fix file lists becoming inresponsive when a file rename edit box is discarded by clicking to the right of the last column in the file list
  • Fix rare crash during directory removal
  • Fix rare crash in the transfer queue

What's New in version 3.30.0:

  • Add additional logging if autoupdate mechanism fails

What's New in version 3.29.0:

  • Fix activity indicators not working after the update check has been run

What's New in version 3.28.0:

  • *nix: Official Linux binaries are now built for Debian 9 (Stretch)
  • Bugfix: Do not disable password saving settings if fzdefaults.xml contains a kiosk mode setting of 0.

What's New in version 3.27.1:

Fixed vulnerabilities:

  • Change client identification string if connecting with SFTP due to OpenSSH disregarding the supported ciphers announced by the client, resulting in less secure algorithms being chosen by OpenSSH.

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • MSW: Improve handling of NTFS reparse points
  • MSW: If running the installer with /S, previous versions where not uninstalled prior to the new version being installed
  • MSW: The installer can be run with /quiet for a semi-silent installation
  • OS X, *nix: Potential fix for a rare crash if changing local directories while the local directory list is being updated and vice versa.

What's New in version

  • MSW: Add misssing file to .zip binary package
  • MSW: Fix toolchain issues breaking the shell extension

What's New in version 3.27.0:

  • SFTP components have been updated and are now based on PuTTY 0.70

What's New in version 3.26.2:

  • Fixed crash if using master passwords and decrypting very long passwords

What's New in version 3.26.0:

  • When changing or removing the master password, update protected credentials of server items in the transfer queue
  • Fix display of remember checkbox when showing the password entry dialog for sites that have no username set and are using the 'Ask' logon type
  • Some icons were missing in the Windows .zip binary archive

What's New in version 3.25.2:

  • SFTP components have been updated and are now based on PuTTY 0.69
  • Fixed potential stall during the final listing operation when finishing a queue which contained uploads

What's New in version 3.25.2 RC1:

  • Fix crash if filters.xml has become corrupted
  • Fix FTP proxy support
  • Fix sending of FTP keep-alive commands
  • MSW: Windows Vista is no longer supported
  • MSW: File and directory icons now also appear on systems that have no Windows directory

What's New in version 3.25.1:

  • Fixed timeout detection

What's New in version 3.24.1:

  • Fixed rendering icons in the remote directory tree when DPI scaling is enabled on Windows Vista and some Windows 7 machines
  • SFTP components have been updated and are now based on PuTTY 0.68
  • Updated built-in pugixml to version 1.8

What's New in version 3.24.0:

  • Fixed a possible crash if sending FTP commands fails during a directory listing operation
  • *nix: Fixed a scrolling issue in the message log if wxWidgets is built against GTK3

What's New in version

  • Key file paths entered in the Site Manager are now saved to corresponding server entries in the transfer queue
  • MSW: Work around a bug in wxWidgets causing bad icons in the remote directory tree due to wxImageList::GetBitmap erroneously stripping the alpha channel from images
  • Allow relative paths and environment variables in the 'Cache directory' setting.

What's New in version

  • Work around a bug in wxWidgets that has been causing a virtually infinite loop when deleting toolbar buttons

What's New in version 3.23.0:

  • Speed up icon scaling and cache scaled icons for faster subsequent loading. The cache directory can be changed through fzdefaults.xml using the 'Cache directory' setting
  • OS X: Fixed icon display on high-DPI displays in a few more dialogs
  • Loading a corrupted layout.xml or search.xml no longer shows an error message, these files are now silently overwritten
  • MSW: Fixed a regression where UNC paths where not handled correctly as config location in fzdefaults.xml

What's New in version 3.22.1:

  • OS X: Work around a nasty bug in XCode where programs explicitly compiled for older versions of OS X were silently pulling in features exclusive to the new version, resulting in crashes at runtime
  • Fixed a potential crash when using SFTP

What's New in version 3.22.0:

  • Bookmarks with the 'Directory comparison' checkbox set now work correctly
  • MSW: Fix background clearing issue on the size format settings page
  • MSW: Toggling the log timestamp option no longer results in wrong log colors
  • Fix for premature queue completion action

What's New in version 3.21.0:

Fixed vulnerabilities:

  • Fixed a string format vulnerability introduced in 3.20.0-rc1 when listing directories using SFTP

New features:

  • SFTP: Added support for AES-GCM ciphers as implemented in OpenSSH
  • OS X: Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab can now be used to switch forward and backward between opened tabs

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Reduced time between TCP keepalive packets to 15 minutes on supporting platforms
  • Fixed saving of directory listing filters with an attribute condition

What's New in version 3.20.1:

  • Fixed rename file exists action on downloads
  • Fixed possible crash if disabling log abbreviation
  • Official binaries now link against a patched version of GnuTLS so that a better error message can be printed on broken servers that send malformed certificate chains

What's New in version 3.20.0:

  • Display error message if entering a non-existing path on local file search
  • Building and running FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla >= 0.6.1 (

What's New in version 3.19.0:

  • Building FileZilla now depends on libfilezilla >= 0.5.3 (
  • Fixed context menu in search dialog if not connected to server
  • OS X, *nix: Fix displayed text in file list status bar if selecting a single item in the file list out of multiple already selected items

What's New in version 3.18.0:

  • Small fixes to local file search
  • Fixed a regression introduced in 3.18.0-rc1 when formatting hostnames for display