Filmotech 3.8.1      

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If you want an effective movie catalog program to help you organize your collection of videos, then consider Filmotech. The software is compatible with many movie formats, including CD, DVD, DiVX, Blu-Ray and VHS. It provides several tools for organizing movies.

Filmotech Features

Import/Export: You can use Filmotech to create a new movie database or back up your existing database. You can either import from or export to CSV, XML or XBMC. You can even export your database to your Android or iOS mobile device so you can carry your list wherever you want.

Online Search: Filmotech uses more than 10 websites to research information about movies and fill the necessary details automatically.

Statistics: Filmotech provides statistics about things like type and cost of movies, size of database, borrowed movies and who borrowed them.

Cover Printing: If you have recorded a movie on a DVD, the program will help you print a suitable cover.

Printing Lists and Catalogs: Filmotech allows you to print your movie catalog or other related details like contact-sheet posters and list of outstanding loans.

Using Filmotech

Filmotech gave us the ability to categorize our movies based on the types of discs on which they were stored. We created multiple profiles and saved them in MySQL database, and we could switch from one profile to another with just a single click. The program also gave us the option to save local databases in SQLite format but we wanted to take advantage of its MySQL publishing capabilities that made it easy to update our website. We could then access our movie lists from different locations.

The program allowed us to create a comprehensive movie database where each video had several details, including title, subtitles, genre, language, country, year, rating, run-time, synopsis and cover. We were pleased to use the online search tool to find and complete relevant details without having to enter everything manually although that was also possible. The search facility allowed us to use either configurable or automated searches to help us get more relevant details quickly.

We even downloaded official covers and used the Cover Printer feature to print them. We had the freedom to choose the layouts we wanted and customize them to suit our personal preferences.

It is not always easy to remember everyone who has borrowed your movies. Filmotech includes a lent management feature that allows users to record relevant details to help them know who they lent their movies to.

Filmotech is available for both PC and MAC. Although the movie catalog software is a freeware, the publishers welcome donations.

Software Product Description

Filmotech is a movie catalog software for movies on DVD, Blu-Ray, DiVX, CD, VHS and more.