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Release Date:   2018-03-07

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on March 07, 2018

FindMyFiles is a small, useful search tool that finds and sorts your files by file type or name, and provides you with options for copying, moving, saving or even creating a CSV file. It will even list all the hundreds of files on your system if required.

Unlike Windows File Explorer, FindMyFiles can itemize various combinations of the many file types found throughout your system. Once done, it presents you with various options not available in Explorer.

Filter or explore an entire disk or directory

The utility runs either from the system or from removable media to find files. It does not require installation, but you are given the option of doing so and thereby adding it in the system registry. This will enable it to be run from the Explorer context menu.

The intuitive user interface provides a panel for selecting your criteria for the two search functions. A results panel beside lists file types found, and a lower panel lists the required information on the files of the file type selected.

Set up search parameters - select the directory, click or unclick hidden or system files and whether or not to include sub-folders for the default search to find files, or select from the filters (file type and name masks, creation and last modified dates, size, and attributes) to customize your search. Then click the Go button.

View results - a count of all file types in the selected directory is provided. Double click a file type to display a list of files in the panel below.

View file information - names, sizes, attributes, creation and modification dates depending upon the criteria you originally selected.

Search change - A pop-up menu allows you to add or change your original search options. These options allow for wildcards in searching for both file types and names and for searching multiple file types.

Extended function - Executable files can be double-clicked to run in the lower window.

Copy or export - a popup menu displays the available management functions.

FindMyFiles is a useful utility that can quickly and efficiently process an entire Windows folder to find files without hogging your system resources. It is a Unicode application - usable in any language and is an extension and re-write of the previous similar program, Folder Ferret.

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Quickly find any file on your computer.