Fire Client 2.13      

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Release Date:   2003-05-06

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OS:  Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

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Software Product Description

Fire Client is the MUD client of the future. Using a custom specification called IMP (Interactive Mudding Protocol), Fire Client works solidly not only as a MUD client, but as a multimedia client as well.

Fire Client lets you to setup elaborate triggers, create shortcuts with aliases, store values to variables, send and view images, audio clips, record your own macros, switch between different fonts midline to beautify the MUD, click on links on the MUD screen w/IMP enabled, have easy access to a custom history file, and choose from a list of great MUD's to start on!

Whether you're a novice to MUDs or a seasoned veteran, Fire Client will never cease to amaze with it's many features and customizations.


  • IMP to render fonts, colors, images, audio, and much more!
  • Aliases to abbreviate several commands
  • Macros to save keystrokes
  • Triggers w/wildcard matching to have the client respond to messages
  • Variables to permit useful bot-like features
  • Support for in-line HTML-style image links!
  • Command for hitting a URL to track a bot online
  • Integrated MP3 player that can save/load playlists!
  • Integration with Fire Portal to allow true dynamic profiles
  • Clickable links so you can MUD with your mouse again
  • Customizable ANSI color
  • Now with improved logging
  • Command history, autoreconnect, autologin...