FixMy10 v2.1      

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Release Date:   2019-04-13

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OS:  Windows 8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on March 22, 2019

A handy, portable fixing tool

The ability to repair file associations, remove restrictions, and fix or reset many other system and internet problems make FixMy10 a useful, lightweight portable application that is very quick and easy to use.

Simple, three tab navigation is presented upon launching the FixMy10 user interface.

File Associations Fixer

Easily fix file associations from the list presented. In addition to the commonly used file types, i.e. EXE, BAT, COM, there is access to fixing the drive, directory, and folder issues.

Restriction Fixer

Here, you can remove restrictions from Windows. Access to certain functions may have been caused by admin settings, but could also be the result of malware infections. A scan button is located at the bottom of the window beside the button to Remove Restriction. There is an optional Check All box at the bottom left. Restrictions and information display in the main panel.


The Advanced tab provides a three-part panel:

  • Desktop and File Explorer - such issues as Explorer not starting automatically, inability to change Desktop Icon Settings and icons or thumbnails not appearing can all be fixed. Folder view settings can also be reset here.
  • Internet & Connections - reset such items as the Windows Firewall, Internet Explorer settings, and Internet Protocol, and Fix the Windows DNS Cache.
  • System - Here you can fix Windows Search, the shutdown menu hibernate option, new device detection, Script Host Access, and System Restore

The Menu bar at the top of the window provides a Tools tab where you can access the Task Manager, Registry Editor, and MS Config. It also brings up the Command Prompt and System Restore, providing a well-rounded means of fixing Windows 10 problems. The Help tab takes you to the developer's website.

Versatile fixer that's easy for use at all experience levels

While the various fixes are specific to issues that can occur, they are clearly presented and, given the very cleanly displayed options and simple click-to-fix methodology, should not present problems for less experienced Windows users to navigate.

The portable functionality in a problem fixing tool that is easy to use make FixMy10 a desirable addition to the system for users at all levels of experience.

The very lightweight application enables you to fix many common issues that otherwise take time when attempting to do so via Windows Settings. This is especially true for repairing file associations but, whether you know what you need to fix or just want to generally check your system to fix Windows 10 problems, FixMy10 is a useful utility to have at hand.

Software Product Description

Repair common Windows 10 issues.