Flashcards 1.0      

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Release Date:   2008-04-12

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OS:  Win XP/Vista, Linux

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Software Product Description

This program encapsulates the idea of flashcard-based testing. User is given a capability to design completely arbitrary questions and answers using both ASCII text and image files. The left side of the screen is the front side of the card and the right side is the posterior part. Both parts are visible during design phase but the answer part is invisible why in the testing phase. During each test, user looks at the left side of the question, recalls the answer, presses the check button and marks himself as correct or incorrect. Thus the feedback is immediate. The program is not designed to simulate multiple-choice questionnaire where user can review their performance on every question at the end of the test.

Images must be located in a special directory automatically created for every deck file. Program does automatic backup of current deck on the drive in backup file. Program also keeps track of ten most recently accessed flashcard deck files in a list that is accessible through File menu. Each card can be marked during design and testing phase if the user intends to work on it later. Each flashcard is automatically assigned a random integer number from 0 to 1E5. Each flashcard deck has an associated notes memo that gets serialized with the deck. This memo may be used to keep suggestions for future work on the deck. During the running phase, one can open a memo to use as a scrap paper for every question. Every deck of flashcard contains fields that keep track of how many times user was tested on this card and how many times the card was answered correctly. Consequently the ratio of times the card was answered correctly to the number of times it was asked in total is presented on the running panel. User is given an option to customize colors of the GUI components should it be necessary.

Requires Java Runtime Environment. Get It Here.