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Release Date:   2016-04-15

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Software Product Description

FlyView for SharePoint is a JavaScript-based plug and play browser plugin with powerful features. It creates a SharePoint Navigation Menu on the screen with a self-expanding characteristic that reveals such details as object previews, object metadata and site structure.

When you want to access a folder that is 12 levels down a site hierarchy, for example, you will not have to load all 12 pages. The self-expanding SharePoint Navigation Menu will quickly take you through pages, files, views, libraries and lists. No matter how deep what you want is in a site structure, you can reach it with only one click.

The plugin provides fast access to an objects metadata, generating real-time previews for compatible object types. Youll preview documents right within the menu before downloading them. The formats you can preview include PDF, Excel, PowerPoint and Word files.

In addition to viewing the document itself, youll also see properties like version, size and modification date. The tool also allows you to access object settings easily.

It features a fast runtime menu that quickly allows you to preview documents, explore content and take appropriate actions. For example, it can take you six levels down in as little as five seconds. All it takes to load an entire site is to move the mouse pointer. You dont have to wait for intermediate page loads.

FlyView for SharePoint is always available in a breadcrumb menu. The menu always shows you your current location although you can begin your exploration from any parent node.

You can customize the navigation menu as you want. You can choose what you want to see and how you want to see it.

FlyView for SharePoint installs fast and starts working immediately. Its compatible with any on premise SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 and Office365 versions. Please note that you can only see Microsoft document previews in SharePoint online. The plugin works with Chrome web browsers.

Enterprise (server) version also available for all the other browsers including Internet explorer, Firefox and Safari.