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Release Date:   2020-04-28

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on April 28, 2020

Move installation folders without having to re-install the program.

FolderMove from the Releasers Community Project at is a quick and easy way to move installation folders whether from one folder to another or to another drive. Windows support for symbolic links has enabled the development of an entirely simple and time-saving operation that requires no special technological ability to accomplish.

A symbolic link is a file containing a text string that points to the directory where the program when it has been re-located after its original installation. It is a link that is independent of its target and is transparent with the program elements involved appearing as normally accessible files and folders.

FolderMove comes to your rescue in a number of situations

While solid-state drives (SSD) are faster, more durable, and use less energy they do not provide the amount of storage that a traditional hard drive does. For gamers especially, FolderMove is a lifesaver when an SSD drive runs out of storage space. You can easily move installation folders to your hard disk automatically creating a symbolic link pointing from the original directory to the new location - no breakage or re-installation involved!

The utility is equally useful in any situation where a directory no longer has sufficient space to accommodate a program's requirements. You are enabled to quickly and easily move the installation folder to a different path whether on the same hard disk or on another one located on the machine.

Move any software folder and create a symbolic link

FolderMove is a free, portable program. Downloaded and executed, it provides a comprehensive interface headed by menu tabs for Settings, Info, and Tools as well as Antivirus and Speed Test.

You simply use the input fields to select the relevant installation folder and its destination. Browse buttons are provided. You are specifically requested to simply select the destination without typing in the application name. The default folder can be changed in Settings. Instructions on the interface, in fact, tell you all you need to know making FolderMove the easiest way to move folders and organize disk space on your system.

Once you have selected the installation folder and the destination drive, you hit the 'Move and set Symbolic link' button to begin the process. There's a box for you to check if you want the folder to be hidden.

FolderMove is the answer to disk monopolizing software

  • Move installation folders seamlessly
  • Automatically create symbolic links
  • No technical skill required
  • Free, small portable program

The simple, straightforward utility turns moving an installation folder into a simple operation that maintains accessibility without the need to spend time re-downloading and re-installing software. Window 7 to 10 is supported and .NET Framework 4.7.2+ is required.

Software Product Description

Move installation folders seamlessly creating symbolic linkage.