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Software Product Description

If you have ever struggled to remember the name of a particular font you wanted to use at some point, then you are not alone. You might even have been seeing a mental picture of how it appeared, but the name was gone from your mind. Thankfully, you can use FontViewOK to see at a glance the way the fonts installed on your computer appear and get their names.

This is a portable application that you only need to extract to your preferred destination. When you launch it for the first time, you will need to accept the license agreement. The lightweight program creates an INI file on the same folder where you have saved it instead of making any changes to the Windows registry.

By default, FontViewOK displays two panes that graphically display how the installed fonts appear, including their respective names and locations. The pane on the right is a clone, and you can remove it by clicking the button marked 2X on the upper part of the application window.

The application displays the total number of fonts found, and when you click on a font, you will see its position against the total.

There is a text box where you can type whatever you want to use to display the fonts. You can format your text with features like underline, bold, italics, strikethrough and color. You can also see a print preview of the displayed text.

Right-clicking on a font allows you to perform various functions. For example, you can copy the selected font as an image to the Clipboard or open the fonts folder in Windows Explorer.

When you double-click on a font in the folder, it opens a window displaying sample text in different font sizes with the font name and version appearing on the upper section. You can print the displayed content if you want.

When you select a font, links appear on the upper part of the application window that take you online to get related information. However, you can disable the net toolbar displaying the links.

FontViewOK allows you to edit font settings although you cannot edit the fonts themselves.


"Love it"

Reviewer: -Freeboy

Review Date: 2010-06-22

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Other Thoughts: It's damn small and damn fast. Does a perfect job and is portable.


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