Forecaster 3.0.53      

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Release Date:   2007-06-14

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OS:  Win 2000/XP/2003

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Software Product Description

The Forecaster program assists you to organize and manage your retirement and estate planning. You specify to the Forecaster program one or more persons whose positions are to be considered, and create one or more Forecaster plans for them. Each Forecaster plan represents a set of assets whose future performance will be simulated by the Forecaster program. By varying assumptions of parameters such as tax rates, inflation rates, rates of return, and legal arrangements such as trusts, you can use the Forecaster program to zero in on the strategies to follow for achieving the best outcomes.

The Forecaster program allows "What If" experiments with parameters and actions that can be enabled or disabled with the click of a mouse button. Changes to parameters such as taxes and earnings rates can be tried easily to compare results. Scenarios with different beneficiaries can be tested for their effect on estate planning.


  • Plan your spending for sustainable portfolio withdrawals.
  • See cash flow projections for your retirement years.
  • See your estate plan results.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.