What's New in version 3.70:

Bug fix list:

  • solved the occasional error message in French at startup ('n'est pas une valeur entière')
  • solved the issue where on a few machines (on some PCs and Macs using WineHQ), the optimized code for rotating images and brushes did not work correctly (it breaks Pencil Sketch 1 and Painting 4).
  • for Linux and MacOS users, FotoSketcher should now run correctly under WineHQ and Crossover
  • fixed the drop down menus and icons which did not appear correctly in WineHQ
  • in Painting 4, the directory for custom brushes is now saved to avoid unnecessary navigating between folders
  • the main window position is now saved between uses
  • fixed the dropdown effects menu which sometimes prevented using the vintage or the merge images effect
  • fixed the Pencil Sketch 2 preview which was not accurate
  • probably added a bunch new bugs. Will fix in v3.80 ;)

What's New in version 3.60:

  • UI/UX improvements (new splash screen, new material design icons in menus, for both light and dark themes, support for the keyboard right and left keys in the parameters window).
  • Better brushstroke placement in the Painting 4 algorithm.
  • Support for High Definition export in Painting 4 (up to 20,000x20,000 pixels).
  • Possibility of loading and optimizing multiple custom brushes in Painting 4.
  • Saving of Painting 4 custom brushes in a .fsk parameters file.
  • Support for a different background color In the Oil Pastel sketch and Painting 4 effects.
  • Speed improvement for Pencil Sketch 1.
  • Bug fix in Painting 7.
  • New tool available to reset the .ini file if FotoSketcher crashes on startup

What's New in version 3.40:

  • Brand new Painting 2 (brushstrokes) effect
  • Slovenian translation
  • The red bar (located in the progress bar at the bottom of the window) to stop an effect early is now compatible with batch processing
  • Various small bug fixes
  • 64bit version is now the default

What's New in version 3.20:

  • This version has better Windows 10 support, improved memory management (Pencil Sketch 1 and Linear Halftoning), a new popup window previewing each effect and various bug corrections.

What's New in version 3.10:

  • the DPI default value has been set to 300 for better printing quality.
  • although transparency in PNG images (alpha channel) is not supported by FotoSketcher, transparent pixels will no longer appear black. They will now be converted to white pixels.
  • the donation screen (coffee cup icon) has been simplified and will lead to a unified PayPal screen.
  • when using JPG images, the compression quality has been improved for fewer artifacts (save to PNG or BMP if you want maximum image quality).
  • a visual bug with the Emergence 2 effect has been corrected. Sometimes the preview image would be pasted to the main result image in the top left corner.
  • some z-order problems have been solved.
  • a memory leak has been hunted down and solved.
  • when running a script (F5), FotoSketcher will be automatically minimized until the end of the process. If you wish to see the script running, just click on the FotoSketcher icon in the Windows task bar.

What's New in version 3.0.0:

  • New Painting 10 (brushstrokes) effect
  • New 'invert colors' function (in the Edit menu or CTRL+I shortcut)
  • Integration of the 'invert colors' function in the script mode (F5)
  • Improved Painting 4 responsiveness
  • Cosmetic changes to the user interface (especially when the program is maximized)
  • New keyboard shortcuts (left, right and up keys) to move the divider between the left and right panes. Works when the main window is focused, even if an effect is running.

What's New in version 2.99:

  • addition of a new zoom function for the preview window, which allows you to test an effect on a larger portion of your source image
  • correction of a few bugs, most importantly the impossibility in the text tool to add the letters 'r' or 'l'
  • some user interface improvements

What's New in version 2.96:

  • This release corrects a few visual glitches (mainly on menus) and improves the user interface.
  • A new feature has also been introduced; the ability to double the maximum size of brushstrokes in Painting 7.

What's New in version 2.95:

  • skinned menus for all three themes (tip: press the INS key to cycle through the interface themes)
  • added a new check box to double the size of the manual brush (useful for high resolution images, when the max size was too small)
  • the most important bug fix concerns Windows Vista users who were sometimes getting a cryptic error message in French 'Index de liste hors limite (-1)'. Hopefully this is now solved.
  • the popup menu was showing incorrectly in the scripts window
  • some corrections to the Korean language files

What's new in version 2.90:

  • New Painting 9 (watercolor) effect
  • Automatic check for update can be disabled manually (replace True by False in the last line of the FotoSketcher.ini file)
  • Added stronger error checking to prevent FotoSketcher from becoming unresponsive when trying to reach a non existent directory (for instance on a removed flash drive)
  • Updated some code for scripts and batch mode
  • A few small bug fixes (new bugs always crop up...)
  • Corrected the Korean language file

What's New in version 2.75:

  • Now available in Japanese

What's New in version 2.70:

  • New 'minimize drawing parameters window' button on the parameters window (in the bottom right corner of the form)
  • New 'script' button on the drawing parameters window (in the bottom left corner of the form)
  • New window style (Obsidian), which is lighter and more legible than the Charcoal default style
  • Better conservation of the current zoom level
  • Changes to the Z-order management of secondary windows (to avoid them getting hidden behind the main form)
  • Possibility to auto-show the Windows taskbar when running FotoSketcher in full screen
  • Painting 5 (watercolor) effect enhancement
  • Addition of Portuguese as a supported language

What's New in version 2.60:

  • a brand new Painting 1 (watercolor) effect (which replaces the previous one)
  • a new 'brushstrokes' frame
  • a few bug fixes and interface improvements:
    • solved the filename bug when dragging and dropping an image (thanks Casey for spotting that one)
    • modified the naming convention to MyPhoto_FotoSketcher.jpg (better for sorting files alphabetically in a directory)
    • solved a transparency bug with png files
    • added a CTRL+S keyboard shortcut when an image is being processed to save an intermediate result
    • added a progress bar when creating the new brushstrokes frame (which can take a few seconds)

What's New in version 2.50:

  • New 'Linear halftoning' effect (b&w or colour)
  • Added Serbian translation
  • Resizing or pasting a new source image no longer erases the destination image (if the image sizes are the same). This is particularly useful for merging two images.
  • The last effect used is now displayed at the bottom right of the window (useful when using the undo/redo buttons to keep track of what effect was being used).
  • Minor interface changes (trackbar increments, manual brush trackbar focus rectangle removed, some window Z-order bugs corrected, visual cues added when parameters can be maxed by clicking on their value).
  • Removed optional browser toolbar in the setup version.

What's New in version 2.45:

  • improved brushstrokes placement in Painting 7 effect to give a more paiterly effect.
  • added a new stylized effect called Emergence 2, based on calculating an approximation of the source image using shaded triangles. The result is different from Emergence and can look a bit like knife painting.
  • solved a bug in the manual brush code used for Painting 7 and 8 effects. Any image can be used as a brushtroke template (must be dark pixels on a white background)
  • solved a few bugs in the script (F5) code

What's new in version 2.41:

  • Fixed minor bug present in version 2.40

What's New in version 2.40:

  • new script engine (press F5 to call the script window) to automatically apply multiple effects
  • more powerful image merge function (with multiplication of both images)
  • improved interface (no third party code, reorganised menus and menu icons)
  • DPI support for JPG images
  • possibility to save a picture during processing
  • better directory management (keeping track of current open, save and manual brushes directories)
  • automatic saving of last texture, text and frame parameters used (tip: on some Windows 7 and 8 systems, you might have to run FotoSketcher as administrator for this to work)
  • new translated terms (mainly for the script function)
  • various bug fixes and improvement
  • Windows 8 support

What's New in version 2.20:

  • Pen & Ink 2 effect
  • Manual brush to apply any effect to selected parts of the image
  • Drag & drop (of image files) to the batch mode window
  • 2 new languages (Greek and Latvian) - thanks Aris and Raufs!
  • various bugfixes

What's New in version 2.10:

  • 14 languages in all (Afrikaans, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish)
  • new painting 8 (expressive brushstrokes) algorithm, with custom brush support
  • automatic saving of current image directory and custom brushes directory
  • batch processing now supports jpg, bmp and png formats
  • optional FotoSketcher browser toolbar (for Internet Explorer or Firefox)
  • support for drag and drop of images from the web

What's New in version 2.00:

  • 10 languages in all (English, French, German, Czech, Polish, Italian, Romanian, Dutch, Finnish, Russian)
  • Crop source or drawn image
  • Lossless 90° rotation
  • Improved and more responsive interface (12 skins, flicker-free icons, real-time preview of brushstrokes)
  • One-click automatic contrast adjustment
  • Check for updates
  • Automatic saving of language, window size, position and chosen skin
  • 4 new realistic frames
  • New custom brushes loading for Painting 7 effect
  • New vintage photo effect (sepia, vignette, old photo texture)

What's New in version 1.98:

  • Two new cartoon effects
  • Full undo/redo function
  • Improved interface (with twelve different skins)
  • New application and toolbar icons
  • German language added (translation by Josef KASPARBAUER)
  • Full PNG support
  • Bug fixes

What's New in version 1.97:

  • The new feature in this version is the \"Oil Pastel Sketch\" effect.

What's New in version 1.96:

  • First and foremost, the new Painting 7 effect, which uses an algorithm to automatically place various size and shape brushstrokes on the canvas. There are now 35 different brushstrokes used in this filter. Beware, the algorithm is greedy and the filter can take a long time to finish, especially on large images. Still, I think the result is worth the wait. Oh, and it's fun to watch FotoSketcher paint for you.
  • Due to the computer-intensiveness of the new effect, I've had to add a progress bar to the preview. Also, when clicking on the Draw it! button, it sometimes takes a second or two before processing starts.
  • At any time you can interrupt the running process.
  • At the request of many users, I've added the possibility to open PNG files, as well as JPG and BMP. Sorry, no saving in PNG format yet.
  • If you wish to save in uncompressed format (if JPG produces too many artefacts for you) you now have the ability to save in BMP format (large file sizes).