Fractalus 6.41      

Size:  42.54MB

License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2021-09-18

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/10. Also works with Linux Wine

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Software Product Description

Freeware fractal generator with movie, deep zoom and multiprocessor capability. Hundreds of example parameter files included. <p><b>Features:</b></p> <ul> <li>truecolor rendering <li>saves and loads parameterfiles <li>saves and loads palettes <li>saves pictures as png,tiff,bmp and jpg (max image size 8192x6140) <li>Mandelbrot and Julia fractaltypes <li>27 different drawing styles <li>realtime zoom movie preview <li>palette manipulation <li>browse fractals with image preview <li>easy zooming and unzooming with right and left mousebutton <li>make zoom movies from jpg image sequences (max resolution 1920x1080) <li>multiprocessor & deep zoom supported & automatically detected <li> graphical julia finder <li> small and fast executable <li> imports UltraFractal Mandelbrot parameterfiles <li> imports Kalles fraktaler Mandelbrot parameterfiles <li> exports Kalles fraktaler Mandelbrot parameterfiles for fast deep zoom movie rendering <li> <li>Works with 32bit and 64bit Windows (XP/Vista/7/10) <li> <li>System Requirements: Fast multicore processor and at least 4gb memory and several gigabytes of free diskspace is recommended. <li> <li> </ul>