Free MP3 Recorder for SoundCloud 0.1.0      

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Release Date:   2018-08-03

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OS:  Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on August 03, 2018

Add files from the SoundCloud streaming platform to your music collection

Free MP3 Recorder for SoundCloud is a legal alternative to downloading music and podcasts from SoundCloud.

SoundCloud allows producers to enable the downloading of their work. There are many means to record files from streaming sites - browser extensions, online third-party downloading sites and specialized software. However, none of them are endorsed by the platform's creators, and they can be blocked. Free MP3 Recorder has been developed specifically to provide you with the capability to record music files in a manner that maintains all the original quality of the music.

Record music files as they are being processed on your system

Streaming music is not always feasible whether due to simple economics in the use of your WIFI plan, or lack of a signal. A collection of your favorite music right on your device is often far more convenient. Stream-ripping, unfortunately, constitutes music piracy. Free MP3 Recorder is endorsed by SoundCloud, and it effectively records the file being processed on your machine using the sound card on the system with no loss of quality.

Create MP3s or FLACs for off-line listening

Recording music while you're listening to it, this free SoundCloud recorder provides the option of recording a file in either FLAC or MP3 format, depending on your preference, available space and lossy/lossless requirement. Because the application is actually downloading to a different format or converting an existing file, the original quality is maintained.

Simple, straightforward operation

Once downloaded and launched on your machine, the application enables you to record music streaming sound files quickly and easily:

  • Type, or copy and paste the file's URL or the file into the input bar at the top of the interface
  • Select output format - MP3 or FLAC in the pop-up panel
  • Input your storage location
  • Click 'Record'
  • 'Stop' recording at any time, if you do not want the entire track, to create a file of the recording up to that point

You are able to queue up to 3 URLs, and you can search the platform while you are recording. The application will disable all the sounds other than that being recorded so that there is no noise interference on your completed file. Once the recording is finished, all the sounds will be turned back on.

Unlike using SoundCloud's downloader, Free MP3 Recorder allows you to record any number of tracks. It is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32-bit or 64-bit versions) and requires Microsoft.Net Framework 4.5.5 minimum.

Free MP3 Recorder is a very easy to use, great solution for creating an offline collection of tracks while preserving the quality of the original files - just as the composer intended.

Software Product Description

Free SoundCloud recorder to save music files on your computer.