Game Launcher 1.03      

Size:   2.25MB

License:   FREEWARE

Publisher:  Publisher | Listed Programs

Release Date:   2008-05-28

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OS:  Win 2000/XP/Vista

Downloads:   3328

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Software Product Description

Game Launcher is the perfect solution for organizing all of your PC games in one centralized location. Instead of having icons spread across your desktop or buried in your Start menu, you can access all of them in one easy to manage program.

Game Launcher allows you to use life-size cover art images of your games to identify each one. The software will also use mini-covers to display your 8 most recently played games. This allows for even quicker access to the games you play on a regular basis. Simply double click the mini-cover to launch the game.

In addition to showing off your game boxes, for each game you can also add your own customizable audio clips to be played when you select or launch that game. For example, you could play a clip of the Star Wars™ theme when you select your BattleFront II game and then hear the sweet sound of blaster fire when you launch the game. Though is feature is optional, many obsessive gamers may find it quite satisfying.

Game Launcher also features an option which allows you to designate whether a game is currently installed or not. This way if you uninstall a game from your computer you can simply uncheck this box and it will no longer appear in your current games list, but Game Launcher will retain all game data so that you can simply recheck the box without re-entering all the necessary details should you choose to reinstall the game. Best of all, Game Launcher is free.


  • Use life-size cover images of your games to show off the cover art and make your games easily identifiable
  • Game Launcher automatically adds up to 8 "favorites" using mini cover images for even easier access to the games you use most often
  • Game list can be toggled between showing all games and only games that are currently installed
  • Use audio clips from your games (or any other source) to be played when the game is selected or launched
  • Eliminate the clutter of icons on the desktop and searching for games buried in the Start menu by keeping all of your games in one easy to manage list