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Release Date:   2015-12-15

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Software Product Description

You will benefit from making your digital pictures viewable as Web pages whether you are a Web designer or not. A tiny but handy tool that will help you achieve this easily is Giftab. The name basically means a table with reduced-size images. It creates thumbnail-like links that display the full-size images when clicked on.

The application does its job out of sight. You only need to save it in the same folder as the pictures you would like to use and run it. It does not have a user interface but simply creates an HTML file in that folder. Creating the file takes only a few seconds, although the exact duration will depend on the number of pictures involved.

You should preferably not include more than 26 pictures in a single folder (hence a single HTML file) if you want to share them over the Internet. The application will generate an HTML file with references to all the files, but Web browsers will not handle it because they will try to load all images in memory at the same time.

Giftab does not really create thumbnails but only links appearing as icons, which take users to the actual images. The folder name automatically appears as the page title.

The application sorts the images based on their names. If you want the images to appear in a specific sequence, you need to number them in the correct order. The names appear above the images, including the creation or last modification dates. There is a link taking you back to the top of the page on the right of each name.

The images must be in JPG format and should preferably have uniform width of 900 pixels for best results. This means you will most likely need to reduce the sizes of the images considering the quality of modern cameras and smartphones.

Please note that when you are sharing the HTML file, you must include all the images in the same folder. However, you do not need to include Giftab. You may even delete it from the original folder after creating the HTML file, but then it is only 6 KB.

The new version is adapted to the projection of images with beamer or on the big TV receiver.