Gihosoft Free Video Cutter 1.2.1      

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Release Date:   2016-02-25

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Reviewed on January 11, 2017

While cutting video files is a complicated process, Gihosoft Free Video Cutter hides the technical aspects behind a simple and user-friendly interface that does not require advanced operations. Anyone who can read and click a mouse can successfully use the software without difficulty.

Using Gihosoft Free Video Cutter

The program installed smoothly in a few simple steps that gave us the opportunity to select some options. However, we did not need to adjust anything to install the software.

The user interface showed us the three simple steps that we needed to take to cut the required videos. We could load a video file by either clicking the "Import" button, browsing and selecting the video or dragging and dropping it onto the program window. The video started playing as soon as we loaded it, but we could pause playback by clicking on the video.

Two red, triangle-shaped markers let us set the area that we wanted to cut by dragging and positioning them where we wanted. The program displayed the time-stamps of the start and stop positions of our selection, and the preview button allowed us to play the selection.

Once we were satisfied with the selection, we clicked the "Save" button on the lower right part of the program window. A dialog window appeared where we selected the location for storing the cut video file and the format in which we wanted to save it. We could choose among MP4, AVI, WMV and MOV.

A pop-up window appeared displaying the saving process. Since we could change the format, storing a file was also a conversion process, which typically took a long time, but the program worked fast. It then gave us the option to open the location (folder) immediately after saving it. It saved the cut video without loss of quality.


Gihosoft Free Video Cutter is a simple but powerful program that makes it easy to cut desired sections from a video file. You do not need to configure anything as the comical user interface hides its features under the hood. Cutting, converting and saving a video file requires only three steps. However, you can only select the destination folder but not enter your own file name.

Software Product Description

A tool for cutting long videos into shorter ones based on the need of users.


"Nice but limited"

Reviewer: -Daniel

Review Date: 2017-01-12

Pros: Very nice, I just use it to cut my video successfully.

Cons: Only can do the basic cutting, feature is limited

Other Thoughts: None


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