What's New in version 1.28:

  • Added mouse tooltip to Active Processes indicator. The tooltip contains average CPU usage and amount of I/O data transfer for last 60 seconds (the interval is configurable).
  • Added option 'Show system task activity' into General_Options settings dialog, that adds system processes, including Glint itself, to Active Processes tooltip.
  • Added option 'Activity tracking time' into General_Options settings dialog, that sets the activity time interval for Active Processes tooltip.
  • Removed 'Brightness coefficient' option from General_Options settings dialog. The brightness of glinting lights is still configurable from the keyboard by Up and Down arrows.
  • Fixed too frequent tooltip updates in Vista and Win7.

What's New in version 1.27:

  • \"Maximum automatically adjusted\" indicator option now works with a maximum value. This value is used as a lower threshold for graph maximum value.
  • Fixed \"Visible in Mini-bar\" indicator option.
  • Improved error handling and standard schemes.