Google Translate Desktop v1.93      

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Release Date:   2019-04-22

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Reviewed on April 22, 2019

Autodetect the language, import and export text, and even get correct pronunciation

Google Translate Desktop is a free language translator built on the same infrastructure as Google Translate, the online service. You can translate between languages, autodetect the language that is input, and monitor the clipboard right from your own system without having to search the internet.

The interface is easy to navigate. You simply browse a built-in list of languages to select the one you want for translate to. You can even copy words and sentences you don't fully understand when you surf websites that have no translation provisions, and quickly translate them to your own language in the free language translator.

Getting to work with Google Translate Desktop

Downloaded and installed, the utility launches to a two-panel interface with a menu bar at the top and tools at the bottom.

Input text up to 5000 characters in the left-hand panel or click the clipboard icon at left on the menu bar to import the clipboard contents. Input can also be accomplished by selecting the input language and clicking the voice input icon at the bottom left of the panel. In the right-hand panel, you can select the language you want to translate to, and your translation is displayed. The entire list of languages is available from either panel, the difference being that you can switch to automatic language detection in the left-hand panel. There is also a swap icon at center enabling you to swap languages.

You'll find text-to-speech icons at the bottom left of each panel. The input panel provides icons for a virtual keyboard or handwriting tool in its bottom right-hand corner. There is a copy icon at bottom right in the translation panel which will enable you to copy your translation for pasting into another program. The additional options icon beside it provides for suggesting an alternative edit and sharing your translation via email or Twitter.

You can refresh the page at any point using the refresh icon at left on the menu bar. This will return you to the 'Detect Language' at left and 'English' translation at right defaults.

The free language translator is highly convenient for fast translation when you are communicating with correspondents in their own language, especially if you are in contact with friends and followers on social media whose first language is not the same as your own. Google Translate Desktop is also incredibly useful as a language education tool, both visually and verbally, and it can also be extremely useful for promotion of businesses and services on the internet.

Software Product Description

Free software to translate to and from any language.