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Software Product Description

Google Translate Desktop is a free portable desktop translator based on google translate. It can quickly translate almost any text between 58 languages, and pronounce for 34 languages of them. The new Google Translate Desktop V2.1 enables to translate website on the browser side. It monitors the clipboard and automatically translate the content on clipboard to the target language. Also you can import text to translate and export the translation to a txt file flexibly.

Google Translate Desktop can help you in reading foreign articles easily. Sometimes you want to read an article by foreign authors, but you feel hard to understand the foreign languages. 'What the hell is that?' Even you know there is important message in that article, you couldn't know clearly what they mean. With Google Translate Desktop, you can easily translate the whole article into your main language. You can also translate just a single word or sentence to target language. It will help you to easily get the key of the foreign article.

Google Translate Desktop helps you to send a quick response when you are communicating with foreign guys via FaceBook or Twitter. We have many friends all over the world, but usually they are using an unknown language that we can't know exactly what they mean. With Google Translate Desktop, we are able to know what they mean no matter what language they are using. Also we can post in their languages on FaceBook and Twitter!

Google Translate Desktop is the most popular free desktop translator for Windows users. It runs on millions of laptops and computers to help with the translating work. It can be used as language education tool or communication tool in trading.

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"Great for Freeware"

Reviewer: -Stetro

Review Date: 2010-09-15

Pros: I like the quick and easy user-interface, which allows you to switch between translations, simply by copying. You can check how the original language retranslates. Allows you to fine-tune accuracy !

Cons: Accuracy not perfect after initial translation...but then, which translation software is 100% accurate the first time?

Other Thoughts: None


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