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Release Date:   2009-03-22

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OS:  Win 2000/XP

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Software Product Description

Everything you need for your media. PVR with Analog, HDTV or DVB-T, DVD, movies, music, photos, Internet radio, media, Web browser, and RSS reader. Design menus and custom media management modules. Control everything with your remote using intuitive interface. Schedule recordings locally or remotely with built-in Web server.

Manage and play your DVDs and movies. With best internal DVD and video support available. Select codecs per video type.

Queue and play multi-file movies. Organize and show your photos. Import, slideshow, rotate and more.


  • Microsoft Windows XP and above
  • DirectX 8.1 or better
  • One of the supported Tv cards.
  • Latest WDM drivers
  • MSXML4 or better from Microsoft
  • GDI+

Timeshifting Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP SP1 +
  • WinTV-PVR 150/250/350 or other hardware MPEG2 card or HDTV card in HDTV mode.
  • Other cards need 'InterVideo MPEG2 Encoder' package, usually from InterVideo WinDVR or InterVideo WinDVD Recorder.

HDTV Requirements:

  • Latest version of BDA drivers.
  • For best results DxVA (Hardware Acceleration) supporting video cards.
  • MPEG2 video decoder supporting DxVA.
  • AC3 supporting audio decoder.



Reviewer: -el Pablo

Review Date: 2011-10-03

Pros: This media center works just fine. I almost placed it at the head of the class, but there's a few others that just can't be replaced. You just have to work out the kinks (not many).

Cons: Can't control the audio level for some reason (no big deal). Still trying to figure out how to save the playlists, but I'm sure its included in there someplace.

Other Thoughts: Very clear audio and video presentation. I really like this media center and must take time to explore its many other features. 4+ stars...


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