GroundCAD 0.3.1      

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Release Date:   2015-06-01

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Software Product Description

If you work in the civil engineering or land surveying industry, then GroundCAD is specifically designed for you. It is a portable application that you extract to and run from your chosen folder. This means it does not make changes to the Windows registry.

The free 2D CAD software features a simple graphical user interface that makes it easy to use and ensures its speed. It displays different drawing tools on a small pane on the left part of the application window while various editing tools are on the opposite pane.

When you click on a tool, the software shows you what it does on the lower part of the window. For example, clicking on the circle tool displays its name and shows you that it specifies a point or a radius. Drawing a circle is as easy as clicking and dragging while the program automatically draws a circle whose radius is equal to the length of your drag. Where you start and end dragging respectively mark the center and edge of the circle.

Drawing rectangles and polygons also simply requires clicking and dragging. With some tools like the line tool, however, you will keep drawing connected lines when you click and drag, and drawing stops when you make a double click.

You choose things like line style, thickness, color, layer and filling above the drawing pane. You can pan or zoom in and out in different modes. The 'Info' button displays details about your drawing, including the number of entities, altitude and units of the project.

You can use some function keys to perform different tasks. For example, F2 displays the properties panel while F3 enables and disables the snapping feature.

The program supports various standard formats like Google (kml), Topcon (fc4/gts7/xml/landxml), Sokkia (sdr33), Leica (gsi 8/16), Autodesk dxf (ascii R12) and Ascii file (txt/csv). You save projects in Drawing GroundCAD (DGD) format.

GroundCAD runs on Mac OS, Linux and Windows.