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Reviewed on November 07, 2018

Review image at different compression levels before saving

hJPEG is a very simple and easy to use tool that will reduce image file size for saving, sharing, inserting into documents or incorporating into other image files.

When you increase the compression level of the file you can save a significant amount of required storage space, and you reduce the bandwidth required to upload or share it. hJPEG allows you to view the impact that varying levels of compression have on the quality of the image.

Download the ZIP file to extract and launch the executable file. Drag and drop an image file onto the interface, or use the clipboard in combination with cut and paste hotkeys. The program converts image files to JPEG if they have been saved in other formats.

Your image will be displayed at its visible dimensions in the window with file information shown beneath it. This includes the file size in pixels of the original file and the window size. Beneath this, the changes in size, quality and memory are displayed as you make your adjustments. Quality is shown as 0 when you first display the image.

  • Use the numeric keys 1 to 9 to make changes to compression to reduce image file size, 1 equaling most additional compression.
  • Right-click to bring up the context menu to resize the image - the resulting changes in file size and memory requirement will be reflected.
  • The context menu facilitates copying, pasting and saving the image as well as resizing and rotating.

If you create a shortcut on your desktop, you can drag and drop the required image file onto the shortcut to open the program. hJPEG does not provide the means to improve poor image quality or increase the size. Its function is strictly to change and review compression levels to reduce image file size, and to enable reduction of the file's dimensions if required.

Software Product Description

Try changing size and compression of an image before saving or copying a JPEG image.

What's New in version 1.1:

  • Includes more options to change size, view the full size, and copy a section of the image.