HWM BlackBox 2.3      

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Release Date:   2011-11-25

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Software Product Description

BlackBox is a utility designed to deliver precise details on the core components of your computer to the maximum.

As well as providing you with you with in-depth information about hardware such as the processor, memory modules, mainboard, hard drives and video card, it also offers the opportunity to assess critical parameters such as clock speeds and temperatures.

BlackBox also presents Vista compatible tools to test your computer's performance under Microsoft Windows Vista.


  • Processor - displays processor-specific information such as manufacturer, model, socket type, version, revision, code name, supported instruction sets, and much more.
  • Memory - allows you to view details related to the memory modules installed in your system.
  • System - displays all possible data pertaining to your system; from the motherboard manufacturer, model, North and South Bridges, PCIe x16/x8/x4/x1, PCI, AGP and ISA ports to BIOS manufacturer, version and date.
  • Performance - BlackBox Performance Tools are your ultimate guide to test each and every component in your system. BlackBox Performance Tools can only work with Microsoft Windows Vista.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.


"2nd 2.2 version"

Reviewer: -AEN007

Review Date: 2011-04-07

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: This is the 2nd version released as 2.2.
The first 2.2 version had a bug and would not load (missing dll file ...).
This version loads fine ...


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