Handy Encryption Portable 1.5      

Size:   1.60MB

License:   FREEWARE

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Release Date:   2011-04-19  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7

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Software Product Description

Handy Encryption (Portable) is a program to secure your confidential files such as document encryption, email message, secret data encryption, or anything that important to you, your family or businesses. Encryption couldn't be that easy and lightweight without Handy Encryption by InstallWHAT.


  • Not setup required. This small .EXE operates straightaway without a need of installation or configuration.
  • No admin-privileges required. Works flawlessly at very limited login account's previleges, even with Guest's login.
  • Extreamly-easy interface. With just 3 buttons [encrypt decrypt exit], you can operate Handy Encryption even with your eyes closed.
  • Lightweight. 1.5MB in size. You can bring anywhere and pass to everyone that matter to you.
  • Automatic File Association (AFA). Handy Encryption uses .HANDYENC file format for an encrypted files. With AFA enabled, you can move this program anywhere from hard drive to flash drive or to network folder as long as it can be run from within your machine. Whenever you open .HANDYENC files, it will execute Handy Encryption perfectly.
  • Strong Encryption Algorithm. Handy Encryption (Portable) uses industry-standard AES-256bit encryption with pasphrase hashing, making your confidential file impossible to reveal even with the next 15 years of technology equipment.
  • Anti-Brute-Force Mechanism. Handy Encryption accepts every password entered and proceeds to decrypt a file. But only valid password able to reveal the file correctly. This eliminate password-guessing attempt either manual or in an automated way. Strangers always find an unreadable file from their wrong password input.
  • Royalty Free. No adware, no spyware, no nagware, no worries. Feel free to pass Handy Encryption (Portable) to your CEO or Chairman. Completely free for everyone to use but donation are always welcome ;0).

What's New in version 1.5:

  • Fix invalid checksum after decrypt for file larger then 4g on Win2000, XP, XP SP1, XP SP2
  • Fix application on-exit error under Vista & Win7
  • Include browser enhancement for batter search experience
  • Include EULA
  • EULA Update



Reviewer: -Red

Review Date: 2011-08-13

Pros: I like that it creates a file even if you type the password incorrectly. This is a nice feature for stalling and confusing any would be attackers.

Cons: I dislike the EULA. "We may place announcements ... into this product." and "This software ... will automatically harness installed web browsers ... by setting up customized search engine powered by Google (TM)." It may be portable but it certainly is not stealthy, it knows when you have already agreed to the EULA and so must be writing something to the computer you are using it on.

Other Thoughts: This could have been a nice app if it would do what the user wants instead of what Google wants them to do.


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