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Reviewed on August 06, 2018

Makes Checking your Disk Lifespan Easy

Hard drives don't last forever. If something goes wrong with your hard disk drive, it may have a bad sector. What's a bad sector? Hard Drives store data in block units, otherwise known as sectors, and after checking the data with a checksum, it should match the data, but if it doesn't something must've went wrong. This is commonly caused by power outages/failure, or by hard drive malfunctions. Hard Disk Validator helps you find out if you have any bad sectors on your hard drive, and repair them if possible. This simple tool makes everything easier.

Scan and Fix your Hard Drive

Hard Disk Validator's main attraction is, of course, the ability to scan for bad sectors. If your hard drive does have a bad sector, you can easily find it and repair it with two clicks. If you're recovering from a power failure a "Read + Wipe Damaged + Read" test is the way to go. You can always check for bad sectors if your hard drive functions correctly, using the "Read" test. If something is wrong, back up your files and connect your drive to another computer, then choose the "Write + Verify" test. Hard Disk Validator will do the rest. To double check if your disk is back to normal choose the "Read + Write + Verify + Restore" test and your disk should be back to normal.

Test your Hard Drive's Write Speed

Another feature of Hard Disk Validator is the ability to check your write speed easily. It's right below the different test options. There's also a ranking feature that ranks the speed of your hard drive write speed against other hard drive write speeds. This is a handy feature to see if a new hard drive is as fast as advertised and to see how it ages over time.


Hard Disk Validator is a really handy program that is essential for older computers and older hard drives. If you ever think something isn't right with your hard drive, or need to ensure your data is safe after a power failure, this is the program for you.

Software Product Description

Free tool to test the integrity of your hard disk drive.