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Reviewed on July 29, 2019

Securely use your passwords with this unique strong password generator.

There is increasing need for using strong passwords, and many tools have been developed to help users generate such passwords. What the password generators do not take into consideration, however, is the method the passwords are entered. HashPass solves this issue by not only generating secure passwords, but also ensuring the input method is secure and safe.

Using HashPass

When you launch the portable application, it will start minimized to the System Tray. Left-clicking its icon loads it to the screen while right-clicking loads its context menu. The menu allows you to perform various funtions, including starting the application with Windows, installing it to a removable medium, clearing the Clipboard and accessing the Help file.

When you load HashPass to the screen, you will be required to create a master password to initialize it. The application does not save the password because it is only used for the current session. For enhanced security, it displays an on-screen keyboard that changes position whenever you click a key to enter the master password.

Once HashPass starts, you can then has your password. This is accomplished by pasting it from the Clipboard, or entering the phrase manually. Also, when the 'Mask Edit' check box is ticked, you password will not be displayed in the input field.

Once you have entered your desired password, the application mathematically transfers it into a unique and secure hash. The hash becomes your real password. You can paste the password either automatically or manually into a text-input-capable target. Alternatively, you may drop it onto a drag-and-drop enabled target. Additionally, you can select the Output Format which includes: Letters, Numbers, Alphanumeric, and Special Characters.

The unique way of entering passwords protects against possible keylogging, taking of screen snapshots and monitoring of mouse click coordinates. The software also prevents Clipboard monitoring activity. In fact, you completely bypass the Clipboard when you use the drag-and-drop mode.

The program allows you to customize certain features. You can set it to automatically stop initialization when it has been minimized after a specified duration in minutes and clear the system Clipboard after a specified duration in seconds. You can also set the hash output length up to 128 characters.

HashPass gives you the opportunity to enter your passwords safely even when you are in a public place or any environment requiring enhanced security. It is also good practice to use the software for your daily tasks. After all, someone may be virtually peeping over your shoulder.

You no longer have to memorize your password, as the application always generates an identical hash whenever you initialize it with the same master password and then enter your string variable. The string may even contain just one character.

HashPass is a light-weight, portable, and unique password generator that's a must for the security-conscious user.

Software Product Description

Portable and unique strong password generator not only to securely generate but also to enter your passwords safely.