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Reviewed on July 07, 2017

The entire MOBA genre is one that's managed to jump from relative obscurity to insane popularity in a very limited amount of time. These games, which were born out of some fairly simple game mods, are now played around the world and in front of huge crowds of enthusiastic fans. It should come as no surprise that some of the biggest studios in gaming have decided to try their hands at the genre. What should be even less of a surprise, of course, is that the studio behind the game in which the mods were born would do its best to make a MOBA that would vie for one of the top spots in the MOBA world.

Strong Player Base, Special Events, Unique Experience

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is Blizzard's entry into the MOBA field and currently sits in a comfortable third place in the genre. It still trails behind DOTA 2 and League of Legends, but has a reputation for having a strong player base that's a bit friendlier than those in the top of the field. The game features a number of heroes from Blizzard's various universes, all slotted into the typical MOBA roles. If you've ever played another game in the genre, you already know all you need to know about this game's play style.

Blizzard's no stranger to special events, so the release of Heroes of the Sun 2.0 didn't come as much of a surprise. An event full of slight game play changes and some visual additions, it allows players to treat themselves to some new visuals while gaining new loot. At the heart of the event is the Pull Party, which puts players in a unique five on five battle that really stretches both a player's ability to put up with Stitches and one's ability to take the game seriously. This is a fun, lighthearted event that really should be experienced.

Are there downsides to the event? Of course! It's a limited-time event, and you're in no way guaranteed to get any of the loot you want. This means that most players are going to have to spend money if they expect to get one of the limited-time skins. There's also the fact that only a few skins have been released, so only a limited number of players are going to get skins for the characters they want. It'd be nice if Blizzard could include just a few more characters in their new designs.


Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is a great game, and the new Heroes of the Sun event is a great time. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a great deal of fun. If you are looking for a MOBA that doesn't take itself quite as seriously as League or DOTA, this is a good game for you. There's still a learning curve and the game is still demanding, but you'll find it easier to play with people who aren't expecting you to be a pro. Give the game a try if you enjoy Blizzard's heroes.

Software Product Description

Free to play, fun MOBA game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.


"Casual-friendly free-to-play MOBA"

Reviewer: -OnePiece

Review Date: 2017-07-08

Pros: - even "Against A.I." games give you XP, so you don't need to play against players if you don't want to - last hitting is not required to gain XP during the game, no competing for lasts hits - instead of buying items you select talents (for free), no gathering of gold, no recalling to buy items . talents have larger effect on game-play than items - many different maps with various objectives - many different heroes with interesting mechanics - assignment of spells to hotkeys is more consistent than in other MOBAs, so it is easier to change to and play a different hero - good graphics, good netcode (at least I did not have lags at all), reliable - the player-base is friendlier than in most MOBAs. I almost haven't encounter trash-talking at all

Cons: - it is simpler to play than some other MOBAs, the skill cap is lower, which can be off putting to some players (although to play it well is just as difficult as any other MOBA) - since the skill cap is lower, there are many unskilled players in quick matches who don't know much about team play, the meta, and the objectives

Other Thoughts: In the MOBA genre it is hard to find a casual-friendly type of game that is fun to play even for casuals, but HotS does it right.


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