HiBit System Information v2.0.25      

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Release Date:   2021-01-04

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 (32/64 bits)

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Reviewed on September 27, 2018

First released back in late 2017, the HiBit System Information utility turned out to be an excellent addition to the system information genre. Lightweight in regards to system resources, quick and easy to download and use, it was well on the way to seriously rival similar products. Yet there were a few little glitches from the initial release that have been carefully patched. Now boasting even more functions and handy little new features, HiBit System Information is a much-improved system information utility.

Those Key Updates Make A Considerable Difference

While the early release of this program packed plenty of useful features, the latest version has been further refined. As expected from all forward-thinking software programs, as well as ironing out some little glitches the real head-turner has been the considerably updated and improved GUI coding. It now displays far more information regarding GPU performance as well as well as more advanced storage monitoring capability. To say the least, this current release has indeed been very impressively polished.

HiBit System Information Features and Functions

In addition to the aforementioned improvements, what we have here is a free program that displays a comprehensive overview of every aspect of your computing performance. For the overwhelming majority of general/home computer users, this is going to easily satisfy all but the most technically minded enthusiasts. What does the program cover? Pretty much everything that affects the health and productivity of your setup.

In regards to hardware, the obvious features are the live monitoring of CPU/GPU, hard disk and motherboard and BIOS. These are of course essential for the health of your system and one of the great features of this program is that it presents the data in a handy summary. There's no need to flick between analytical tools for each component - HiBit does the task of multiple programs succinctly and accurately. Secondary features also include the display, printers, and accessories - handy for troubleshooting and optimizing your computing experience.

Of course for hardware to run happily it needs well-configured software, another task which this program handles in a straightforward and effective manner. Covering everything from the operating system and drivers through to system security and event logs, once again the great aspect is that straightforward reporting system.

Hardware Information:

  • CPU Details - Name, Technology, Description, External Clock Frequency, more.
  • RAM - Total Memory, Available Memory, Memory Slot Count, Max Capacity, more.
  • Motherboard - Manufacturer, Version, Serial Number, more.
  • BIOS - Name, Version, Motherboard ID, more.
  • Display - Name, Video Processor, DAC Type, Architecture, Monitors, more.
  • Storage - Status, Temp, Bus Type, Partitions, Capacity, more.
  • Printer - Printer Name, Port, Print Quality, Capabilities, more.
  • Network - Product Name, Manufacturer, Connection Type, Speed, more.
  • Other - Sound Card Info, Keyboard Details, and Pointing Device Info.

Software Information:

  • Operating System - OS Name, Version, Kernel Type, Architecture, Install Date, Last Reboot, more.
  • Security - Antivirus, Firewall, Windows Update Packages.
  • Processes - Displays current running processes.
  • Services - Display current running services.
  • System Drivers - Shows all drivers as well as their display name, state, start mode, command-line, more.
  • Startup - View all programs (as well as their details) that start when you boot your computer.
  • Installed Programs - Displays all installed programs, their install date, size, version, and publisher.
  • Event Logs - Quickly view log info from Windows LogEvent function.

These reports can each be saved (recommended) as an HTML file meaning that if your system begins experiencing some problems, you can compare previously happy set-ups to see what the issue may be. Something as simple as a corrupted driver can be so easily fixed - and naturally is a million times better than having to resort to roll-backing your entire machine.


Being lightweight and offering full Windows capability (including both 32 and 64 bit) and every release from XP to 10, another great aspect is that this program can be installed as a desktop or portable version without compromising the overall quality. Sometimes simplicity can be a very good thing indeed, and despite packing a heck of a lot of power into such a user-friendly product, the consistent support, and promised further improvement makes this a program that everyone ought to try out. Very impressive on all levels and a truly delightful little addition that would be welcome on any Windows system.

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