High Low 1.0      

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Release Date:   2016-09-21

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Software Product Description

If you like flexing your brain power by playing games, you´ll definitely want to check out High Low. This memory game is fun, and it´s free to download. High Low looks deceptively simple to play, but it will test your persistence and memory in new ways. The number game is set upon a grid with a button called the Randomizer. Click it, and 16 squares will be given values between 1 and 100. Your target number will initially be 0, and then your task will be to select two numbers, one that´s higher and another that´s lower than the target. As you click away, you´ll have to be mindful of squares that contain penalties, which can halve your score or take away points that you´ve earned.

High Low has several modes that can ramp up the challenge of this memory game. Choose Easiest to get your bearings and learn the ropes of the game -- the button numbers will be visible, so you can play in a more relaxed manner. Once you´re ready, play High Low on Braniac mode. Because the numbers won´t be visible, you´ll have to remember the location of each number after it´s been clicked -- the longer you play, the more of a challenge it becomes. Try to beat your high score each time and you´ll give your mind a workout like no other. To give this awesome free memory game a try, download and play High Low.