HttpSpy 3.1      

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Release Date:   2004-09-01

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OS:  Win 98/ME/NT/2K/XP

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Software Product Description

HttpSpy is an HTTP monitoring utility that captures and displays HTTP network traffic on a system in real-time. It supports all HTTP traffic, including HTTPS, HTTP 1.1, Keep-Alives and Chunking.

HttpSpy also includes a powerful Modem Simulator tool that slows down the downloading of web pages as if the use is connected over a slow modem. It begins capturing traffic when you start it, and its output can be saved to a file for off-line viewing. It has full search capability, and if you find that you're getting information overload, simply set up one or more filters.

It is an excellent debugging and analysis tool for the developer writing web applications and for the web page designer that wants to analyze how a their web pages download over a slow connection.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework. (Note that .NET Framework is included in Windows XP. It is recommended to update to the latest version.)