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Release Date:   2016-12-07

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Reviewed on December 07, 2016

Data encryption is something that every person should take seriously, not just companies. This is especially important considering that nowadays work and home environments tend to blend, with people accessing sensitive data on their personal computers. Hyper Crypt is a powerful cryptography toolkit that allows users to secure different types of files, including documents, videos and images. The free data encryption software uses military grade AES-256 algorithm.

Using Hyper Crypt

We downloaded the ZIP archive and ran the data encryption software directly from the folder where we extracted it. The program opened a small dark-themed graphical user interface displaying the file encryption tab with four large buttons in the middle for encrypting and decrypting files and folders respectively.

There were also two other tabs respectively named "Encryption Options" and "Other Tools". We entered the password that we wanted to use under "Encryption Options", which the program gave us the option to hide or display. It showed us the password strength as a percentage, with the recommended minimum being 70%. The minimum length should be eight characters, but it was recommended that we create a password with 16 and above characters.

If we found it difficult to generate a strong password, we could resort to the help of the Key Generator tool under "Other Tools". We could generate symmetric, asymmetric or HCV keys. With symmetric keys, we just needed to enter the key length that we wanted and click the "Generate" button. We then clicked the "Copy" button.

For asymmetric keys, we selected the required key size and specified its name and destination folder. When we wanted to generate HCV keys, we specified the additional key length and number of PBKDF2 iterations. The higher the number of iterations, the slower the generation process was, but the generated key was stronger.

In addition to encrypting individual files, we could encrypt entire contents of a folder, including its sub folders. Apart from encrypting files, Hyper Crypt allowed us to encrypt plain text that we entered directly on the user interface. We could type or paste the text to encrypt or decrypt. The program also had text and file hashing capability.

Although we could open encrypted files, we could not read or view the true nature of their contents without decrypting them first.


Hyper Crypt is a simple tool with powerful results. You can use the free data encryption software to secure different file formats with strong keys. Please note that you need the same key for encryption and decryption, but do not use the same key for more than one encryption to avoid compromising the security of the one-time pad encryption. The program is compatible with any PC running Windows Vista and later operating system.

Software Product Description

Encrypt any kind of file, from documents, to pictures and videos.