Hypersocket SSO 1.0.2      

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Release Date:   2015-11-10

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Software Product Description

Both small and large companies nowadays use a wide variety of web apps in conducting their businesses. If the apps are not properly managed, however, their convenience can easily turn into a nightmare. There is a risk of insecure access to multiple applications when companies do not know who can access what. Some third party services compromise privacy. Apart from these, employees can easily forget their login details because they use multiple applications.

Thankfully, Hypersocket SSO or Smart Single Sign-On makes it easy for organizations to manage their entire application access. The desktop client gives access to hundreds of applications using one-click single login. All staff members can launch desired applications with single clicks.

Hypersocket SSO integrates hundreds of pre-built applications, and users can add others by creating their own template engines. Users have one-access to all applications, so they do not have to struggle remembering multiple login details but focus on their tasks instead.

This integration does not mean users share credentials; they only share access to accounts that do not support multiple users. This means employees can share business accounts, personas and voices without sharing their login credentials.

The system uses virtual on-premise deployment to protect privacy. It controls who uses which application using role-based access, and different sections or departments can have their own dedicated branded portals.

Although staff members access applications using one-access login, companies can configure multi-step and multi-factor authentication for each Active Directory to prevent unwanted access. This involves security questions and one-time passwords for a more secure authentication.

Hypersocket SSO also allows companies to monitor their deployments using trigger engines. They can manage multiple environments from the same install.

Hypersocket SSO accommodates unlimited applications for unlimited users at no cost. It adapts to any business without compromising security. Users can access the system from desktop clients, intuitive user portal or their favorite web browsers.