I Am Default the Client 1.2      

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Release Date:   2013-11-30

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Software Product Description

I Am Default the Client is a free Android app which allows you to find out your insolvency probability.

Estimate your credit risk. You will find out your credit risk represented in:

  • Probability of Default (PD): Literally, the probability that you are going to be insolvent (default) for next several years.
  • Average Delinquency (AD): Potential delinquency amount for next several years in all possible scenarios.
  • Delinquency at Insolvent (DI): Potential delinquency amount for next several years in insolvency scenarios.
Those kinds of credit risk indicators are applied in financial industry, known as PD/LGD methodology. This methodology is used for risk calculation under Basel II of recommendations on banking regulations.

The credit risk does not only depend on your financial conditions, but also where economic zone you are belonging. This application covers several economic zones in the world, and the characteristic is represented in the risk indicators.

This application shows your predicted credit risk, such as Probability of Default, but you don't have to worry too much. It is more important to know your own risk, control it and improve your financial status.

Everybody is facing several risks nowadays, and financial risk is one of the crucial risks for many of us. I Am Default the client lets you understand your credit risk rather than fear the risk.

The market parameters will be updated automatically, and you can estimate your insolvency risk subsequently.

This application requires internet connection in order to enable full functionality of the application.