IFOP v2014.11      

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Release Date:   2014-11-01

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OS:  OpenVMS, Windows All

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Software Product Description

IFOP is a Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) II program that is customized with many interrelated functions in the various areas of the manufacturing process. These include raw materials, production, quality assurance, lot management, warehousing, product costing, shipping, sales, inventory, preventive maintenance, accounting, purchasing as well as machines and tooling. The software is coded in OpenVMS COBOL and is compatible with all platforms that support the operating system, including computers running hardware emulation programs.

IFOP is customized for a particular business manufacturing industrial fasteners in Ontario, Canada, but it can as well be used in many other situations. Although the manufacturer mainly sells products for the automotive industry in North America, the software can easily be modified for use in different applications because some of its parts are generic. Indeed, you can adapt many of its functions for other platforms and business needs, but you will need to put a little more work into it.

The program is suitable for demonstrating important programming concepts in the development and maintenance of customized business applications, no matter how sophisticated they may be. The software is designed for programmers.

You must run the .EXE files under VMS and use the OpenVMS COBOL compiler to compile the .COB files.