Image Lock PEA 1.3      

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Release Date:   2021-08-20

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OS:  Any OS with JRE

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Data security has become more important than ever as hackers and cyber eavesdroppers become increasingly sophisticated. Privacy online or when using electronic devices is harder to come by than many people think -- most of the files that are stored on networks and PCs simply aren't secure and are vulnerable to hacking. Encryption is one way to keep data safe, but most people don't know where to begin when it comes to actually encrypting their photos and documents. One program, Image Lock PEA, is a free encryption tool that solves this problem.

Using Image Lock PEA

Downloading and installing the program takes only a few minutes, but you will need Java Runtime Environment, OpenJDK, or a similar program to run Image Lock PEA. After opening the program, you'll see a simple window that prompts you to choose a file and enter a password. When you choose the image or document that you want to encrypt, set a password to access the file, click "Ok", and the process will be completed. One of the best features of Image Lock PEA is how easy it is to use. Data encryption often involves procedures that are difficult to maneuver by anyone who isn't a tech expert, but this free encryption tool provides a way for less savvy computer users to amp up the security of their files.

All encryption is done by algorithm, and Image Lock PEA has the ability to use Cipher, hash functions, and key derivation function to protect files. Rather than storing the files on your PC's hard disk, they'll be placed in its memory. When you use Image Lock PEA to encrypt a document, it will be converted into an image file.


Image Lock PEA is ideal for encrypting images and protecting your sensitive data. The program does a great job at helping users attain greater privacy and security. Whether you want to keep patents, images for confidential projects, or personal photos from being accessed without your authorization, a free encryption tool like Image Lock PEA is invaluable. If you have the need to secure your images and want an easy to use solution, Image Lock PEA is definitely worth a try.

Software Product Description

Free security software to encrypt and protect pictures, photos, and images.