InfoOnDisk 5.5      

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Release Date:   2019-03-11

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Software Product Description

InfoOnDisk is intended to store information about Data held on CDs/DVDs, etc. (Although it could be used for storing info generally) Be aware that it doesn't erase or burn Discs.

Use Browse to see what a Disk or USB stick contains. Select required file information and copy to Holderboard where it can be selected and placed in the Memo to the left of the Holderboard. This should be done after first clicking on the Insert Disk Number button which inserts Disk 1 to Infinity.

To Recap: Click the Insert Disk Number button then select the information you require to include in Memo. Contents of the Memo are saved automatically. Information stored in Memo can be searched.

The Right Click Menu for the Memo does as follows:

  • Disk Number to 1 returns Said Number to 1 if User chooses to Make a Fresh start.
  • HiLite Text Highlights Selected Text.
  • Remove HiLite removes Highlight from Selected Text.
  • Delete Selection deletes chosen text.
  • Edit Selection edits chosen text.
  • Clear Memo Clears Memo for Fresh Start.
  • Clear SearchList, clears all items from the SearchList. Alternatively, select a single item and hit Keyboard Delete Key.
  • Clear File Viewer Clears Text from Viewer.
  • Use Font to Modify Selected text as required.
  • Left and Right Justify and Centre to place text where required.
  • Use right click menu on HolderBoard to clear it or just delete Selected items.
  • Uncheck Enable box to carry out these choices.
  • Memo can be Printed or Saved as using Window's Wordpad.
  • There´s an Alternative provided to Entering ordinal Disk numbers which is fairly obvious and can be used in conjunction with the Disk numbering option.
  • The Add button on the Search Panel allows Text from the SearchList to be added wherever the Cursor was inserted previously in the Memo.
  • Items chosen from the File Viewer can be inserted in the same way.

New Features:

  • In Browse view - any file can be opened by its associated program by double-clicking it.
  • The name of any file can be spoken by the Computer. Ex: This option is used by a partially blind friend to hear what MP3 file he has selected before double clicking to play it.
  • A checkbox named Select has been added in Store View. Choose it rather than the Enable box to Select just the files you want to add to the Memo and then click the Append button.