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InnoExtractor is a lightweight but powerful tool that helps in unpacking Inno Setup installers so their internal contents and structures can be explored. The Inno Setup extractor uses the InnoUnp technology that allows users to extract the contents of installers into folders, which may even be on portable devices. This means users can explore the content without installing the programs.

Using InnoExtractor

The drag and drop feature allowed us to drop required files onto the main program window to start decompressing and extracting content. Once it had displayed the content on the main frame, we just opened the files we wanted in the normal way of using Windows Explorer. The program worked pleasantly fast, and that was just one of the things we liked about it.

The speed would have made little sense if the program was complicated. The application is so easy to use you would think it barely contains any features. However, the truth is that it blends several features with a simple user interface that has an intuitive layout, which is friendly to basic users. It features menu items at the top and a grey main frame underneath where installer contents are displayed.

At the same time, the application has some features specifically meant for advanced users. For example, you can convert an installer's CompiledCode.bin file into a readable assembly code file so long as you know what you are doing.

We had the option to save the extracted files onto a local folder on our computer, a self-extracting module on a portable device or create a zip package. InnoExtractor also enabled us to view the properties of password-protected installers and even decrypt them. Other functions the application performs include:

  • Integrating it into a shell and then emptying then application cache
  • Disabling detection of embedded files
  • Changing language of the user interface

Benefits of InnoExtractor

  • With InnoExtractor, you can access the files of an installer even if you do not have administrative privileges allowing you to run setup on a system.
  • Bypassing the installer enables you to use a program that ordinarily installs different applications you do not want.
  • The program can be used for various applications, including forensic studies.
  • It is a lightweight program that uses minimal system resources; hence it does not interfere with the performance of a computer.

Please note that this application is an Inno Setup extractor, which means you can only use it with Inno Setup based installers. It is suitable for Inno Setup users, installers, reverse engineers, developers and anyone interested in learning more about software.

Software Product Description

InnoExtractor is a powerful application that helps you to unpack Inno Setup installers using InnoUnp technology.


"Now in two versions"

Reviewer: -gekpeg

Review Date: 2014-10-21

Pros: It's still one of a kind and nothing else to compare it to, running as promoted. It's very fast and hassle free.

Cons: The author decided to change it from freeware to crippleware, he removed some std functions and these functions now only availble in the Plus edition which must be purchased.

Other Thoughts: It doesn't matter where you d/l it from, FreewareFiles or the author, it's clean, no adware at all. Checked the hash values and they're identical. In any case it's best to run it portably and thereby play it safe.


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