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InventoryPlus is a free inventory management program that integrates sophisticated financial management tools. You can use it to manage multiple company accounts and maintain several accounting ledgers for both suppliers and customers. This means that you can use it to integrate and standardize different business processes.

Using InventoryPlus

The installation package prompted us to accept a few messages before completing the process smoothly.

The software's graphical user interface featured tabs in the modern ribbon style, with features appearing in various categories. The main tabs for performing the most important functions were always visible. Selecting a tab displayed its groups where similar actions made a group.

We created a new company file by pressing the "New" button. We created the file with the default settings, but we changed some of the settings later. For example, we needed to change the default login details and create our own. We specified the location where we wanted to create the company file and entered a company name.

The software came with a demo company to help us learn the ropes. The sample data provided gave us the opportunity to learn more about different program features.

The "Settings" window allowed us to configure the company and perform different actions. The window had tabs on the upper side that we used to access different company areas. For example, the General tab gave us such details as file location, file size and when it was accessed last. We could update different company details from the Defaults tab, including receipt and bill numbers. On the other hand, we created financial information under the Financial Details tab.

The Homepage tab allowed us to add different details to our company file. For instance, the Inventory section had buttons for materials, group and unit details. The Group Details button allowed us to take a complete common item stock in one go. We created items used for billing under Materials Details.


InventoryPlus is a comprehensive program for managing different inventories at the same place. The software features a few keyboard shortcuts for performing things like displaying the purchase, sales and voucher entry screens. It is compatible with all industry-standard barcode scanners.

Software Product Description

Accounting and Inventory handling Software helps to keep track of inventory data records in systematic order.


"its ok..."

Reviewer: -ravi thakur

Review Date: 2017-07-15

Pros: its free to all ..that's good.....

Cons: there must be a bill format showing expiry date because without expiry date bill cannot be approved...

Other Thoughts: so plz update the software and at least in one format add this option showing expiry date....


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