Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b      

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License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2009-09-19

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OS:  Windows XP

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Software Product Description

Isanaki Sudoku 2.6b is a multilingual freeware application that combines a board generator, a powerful solver, a user-friendly helper and a flexible boards printer (mulitple boards per page).


  • English, French, Spanish and Dutch


  • Support for 9*9 and 16*16 Sudoku and Wordoku Boards
  • Board saving and retrieval from Isanaki binary file
  • Board Import from Isanaki binary file, text files (.txt .msk .sdk .sol .spf and .ss) and clipboard
  • Board Export: to text files and clipboard
  • Automatic update of the pencil marks
  • Data Entry by keyboard and mouse
  • Fading Cells display from Start Colour to End Colour (6 differents fading styles)
  • Support for Menu Accelerators
  • Copy of Current Board to ClipBoard (Accelerator CTRL+C)
  • 256-level of Undo-Redo
  • Page Setup for Board print
  • Print Board with preview
  • Candidates Highlight
  • Delete erroneous numbers with Delete key
  • Highlight of erroneous cells
  • Full colours customization
  • Zoom support 50% to 400%
  • Blocks Separator and Grid around Board
  • Smart Self-Check for Application Updates


  • 6 levels of difficulty: from very easy to fiendish
  • Symetrical or non-symmetrical boards with Unique solution
  • Powerful Custom Board generation
  • Command-line parameters to automate boards generation
  • Very Fast generator


  • Brute-force or logical deduction solver
  • Customizable Techniques Hierarchy
  • Log file of board solving
  • Very fast solver
  • Optional use of brute force technique
  • Batch processing of multiple boards with log of results and solving statistics


  • Disallow invalid entry
  • Easy data entry (right-click on cell)
  • Support for Multiple Cells Selection
  • Display Hint graphically so that you see the logic behind the hint
  • Hint Data displayed on Left Panel
  • Switch at any time from Sudoku to Wordoku and vice-versa


  • Customizable single and multiple boards printout