Johnolithic Voice Command 1.1      

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Release Date:   2016-09-23

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OS:  Windows 10

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 Reviewed on September 15, 2016

If you're like most people, you open up programs, files, and folders on your PC by clicking with your touch pad or mouse. It's a time tested process that few of us ever think about doing, but how much more convenient would it be if you could open up the documents and programs you needed just by speaking? There are a ton of scenarios where such a function could come in handy, but many voice command software options are pricey or complicated. If you'd like to give voice command a try without the high price tag, consider Johnolithic Voice Command.

Using Johnolithic Voice Command

In a nutshell, this free software allows you to create your own unique voice commands so you can open files, folders, and programs on your computer without having to click on them. Downloading and installing is quick, as Johnolithic Voice Command is lightweight and completely self contained. Once you launch the software you'll have an option to create a command by typing what you'd like to say, and you can also create a reply if you'd like your PC to speak back once the command is executed. There's also a great keyboard macro feature that enables your keyboard to automatically enter strokes that you specify.

If you've tried Cortana, you'll notice that it's limited to opening files on the Start menu. With Johnolithic Voice Command, you can open just about any program, folder, or file that's on your PC's hard drive. The software also has a neat feature that allows it to read text copied onto your computer's clipboard. Say you want to make a recipe from a website without looking at your screen. Highlight the text, copy it, and then instruct Johnolithic Voice Command to read the text simply by saying "read". If you want it to stop at some point in the recipe, you'd say "stop".


Johnolithic Voice Command gets major points for being so easy to use, and since the program is small it won't hog up your system's resources. As for practicality, this voice command software can be used for home, school, work, and even programming. The program's ability to read copied text is also a nice touch, and best of all these features work well. For a new and convenient way to navigate your PC's files, Johnolithic Voice Command is definitely worth checking out.

Software Product Description

The purpose of Johnolithic Voice Command is to give the user the ability to create their own voice commands which can execute programs, open files, open folders, or execute keyboard macros.