Jungle Racers Advanced 1.87      

Size:  64.39MB

License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2018-05-31

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

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Reviewed on May 31, 2018

Step into the jungle in this one of a kind free off-road racing game.

Navigate through a mighty jungle full of sharp turns, deep ravines, and rocky hills while you race through on specialty vehicles. Users can choose from monster trucks, rally cars, buggies, or pick-up trucks, all equipped with nitro to keep them on the same playing field. But watch out... too much nitro may cause the vehicle to explode mid-race!

This off-road racing game is a solid performer. Racers can feel the bumps and unevenness of the road. Take a curve too fast, and you'll certainly wipe out. Since you are racing on a dirt track, it's not ideal to be behind the other cars as the dirt will obstruct your view. Through the use of physics, the gameplay is more realistic than with most computer games.

The game offers four different modes: contest, race against opponents, elimination racing, or race against time.

  • Contest Mode - This mode is just you against the tracks. Complete all levels one by one to win the contest.
  • Race Mode - Complete all laps to finish first. In this mode, racers can destroy their opponent's cars and detain them.
  • Elimination Mode - The goal is not to be the last car, as the losing vehicle will explode. Elimination mode will undoubtedly get your heart pumping!
  • Time Attack Mode - Pass by as many checkpoints as fast as you can until time runs out.

Try them all for endless hours of fun!


  • 3D off-road racing game
  • FREE for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Rich graphics with realistic physical gameplay
  • Customize video options such as bloom and motion blur
  • Racers can crash into other cars and detain them
  • Adjustable music and sound
  • Unlock new vehicles as you progress through the game
  • Easy controls: arrows for movement, 'X' for nitro, and 'R' to respawn

Conquer the jungle through many different modes in a wide variety of vehicles designed especially for this FREE off-road racing game.

Software Product Description

Free off-road racing game that provides endless hours of fun.