KeeWeb 1.18.5      

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Reviewed on January 22, 2019

A password protected password manager is a necessity today.

Whether your most pressing concern is having encrypted storage for your various passwords and other information or the ability to generate really strong passwords, the KeeWeb password manager is a free and trustworthy solution.

Password managers provide a password protected vault in which you can safely store all your password and identification information. KeeWeb is a desktop or web application that is also compatible with KeePass database files.

Installing and setting up KeeWeb

Downloaded and installed, KeeWeb launches to a simple opening window with tabs Open, New and More. Clicking More will provide server and cloud services tabs, an Import tab, Demo and Settings.

Select New, then Settings at the bottom right of the screen and New from the left-hand menu to set up your master password. Once done, you can log in and start work.

The user interface is divided into three panels. At left all items are listed. The middle panel is where you search for an existing item or set up a new one. You input or update all the information pertaining to the item in the fields displayed in the large panel at right. Click the '+' sign next to the search box at the top of the middle panel to begin adding items. A drop-down menu provides for Entry, Group or Template. You can add hashtags, color tags and icons to the groups and entries you set up, and there are various sorting options, i.e. by date, titles, etc. Inline images can be added to your entries, and templates can be saved for repeat use when adding items.

Password generator

In addition to securely storing your passwords, the KeeWeb password manager enables you to generate strong passwords. You'll find the password generator tab at bottom right alongside the Help, Settings and Lock tabs. Clicking will bring up a pop-up screen. There are several options and parameters as well as a slider to increase/decrease the number of digits. Create the password and click Copy to paste it into the information panel for the item you're updating or setting up.

Cloud Services

KeeWeb provides support for remote servers and cloud services - Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Load your local files to the cloud services you use and open them from there anytime and anywhere. You can synchronize your password files so that you have access to your files regardless of the device you're currently using and whether or not the passwords involved are available on that device. Go to Settings to set your update options. If you use a WebDAV server, you have access to your web files from any device.

You can create databases or import KeePass databases and access and edit them from your cloud service, back up locally and extend functionality, including other languages, with the addition of plugins. All changes are kept in history so that you can rollback at any time. In addition to the desktop program, there is also an online version of KeeWeb which can be used in any browser.

KeeWeb is an easy to use, reliable and convenient password manager. It is open source and can be adapted to your individual requirements - the source code is available on GitHub.

Software Product Description

Handy password manager to safely store and manage your accounts and passwords.